10 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice up your Social Media Marketing

Most of us are on Social Media. Knowingly and unknowingly every time we post something on social media, we build our brand. Social Media has become an indispensable part of life. It keeps us connected with our close friends. You never know when you are going to become popular. In fact, social media is the best platform to show your talents, build your brand, promote your business, etc. There are various ways by which you can use your Social Media Platforms. In this article we are offering you 20 Fun Ideas to Spice up your Social Media Marketing.

1. Giveaway contests:

One of the simple ways to promote your business is to start the contests related to your business on Social Media Account. You can start quizzes related to your business. You can post your product offering and ask your follower to write the product name and why do they like it. You can ask the people to go through company website and ask quizzes related to that page. It will bring traffic to your websites, and they will know about your business. You can give reward to the winner as well as top 10 participants. This will create the word of mouth related to your business.

2. Tag Customers:

Most of the time we keep talking about employee satisfaction, employee motivation but we hardly think about customer recognition that brings the business to us. You can simply tag your customer who does maximum transactions with you in the month. It is a simple yet powerful way to create the strong bond between the customer and company. Give them some rewards and recognition. This will not only increase your customer loyalty but also give them a feeling of excitement and joy. They will feel great to be the brand of your business.

3. Post behind scene photos:

The finished product or services are the result of continuous working of your people in the organization. The customer feel more attached to your business when they see photos behind the scene. They want to part of it. For example in an entertainment industry, people love watching their actors performing behind the scene. When you post pictures of your organization work space where work is done it removes the wall between you and the customer. It brings transparency and builds trust between you and your customer.

4. Use reactions:

Today, you can get lots of inputs related to your product idea freely on Social Media Account. You can know where your product idea is right or not. You do not need to even spend money. Just post idea related to your product with small video about it and checks reactions of people. People will give their reactions as love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry on Facebook. This will help you to identify how many people love your product or creativity. For people it is fun to give their response, but you are getting ideas, comments which are difficult to get when you ask them to do so. Remember the days when company people ask for their product reviews on paper. Most of the people avoid it but today on Social Media you get quick and awesome response. Just make it a fun.

5. Use more Emoticons:

People remember experiences, symbols. Most of us are getting easily attached to feelings. So always prefer to use more and more Emoticons and fewer words. It is easy to touch the chord of feeling than explaining them through words. They are simple, fun and yet effective enough to create the sense of attachment with your brand. People love simple things. Simple things are tough to create, but they are most impressive.

6. Create how to video:

Creating how to video is the best way to promote your products to your existing as well as the prospective customer. An entertaining animated video will skyrocket your business. Always push your content team to produce an awesome video content of How to series on your product offers. There are multiple benefits of this strategy. If the video is fun and entertaining, it will build the company brand name. Besides this, your existing customer will find it easy to use your products. This will create brand loyalty.

7. Run a poll among your audience:

When you build a large follower on Social Media Account, you can take help of them to taste the preference of your existing customer. Suppose you have an ice-cream company and you offer three varieties of ice-cream. They are Strawberry, Vanilla and Butterscotch. You can simply run a poll to know which tastes are preferred most. This will help to make pre-assessment and produce the product as per customer demand. There is no point in producing vanilla and strawberry both 50% when75% people prefer Strawberry.

8. Create a Facebook live or Instagram live:

Whenever you are launching a new product or making promotions of your products, go live on Facebook and Instagram. It is simple yet most impressive way to make your brand presence felt in the world. Going live is a kind of event promotion strategy and your follower will love to be part of it. Just think of creating an awesome memorable event whenever you go live on social Media Account. It should be something that engages them or entertain them.

9. Re purpose content like blogs and videos:

The social media account is a good strategy to move your audience to your blogs and videos. You can post something funny if they like it they will love to share it. Besides this, you can give link below it to your blogs, websites and videos. If they like your one piece of content or video they will love to read other piece of content posted on your blogs and videos.

10. Jump on trending topics:

If you are on Social Media always keep yourself abreast with latest trending topics. It is very essential that you aligned your communication as per the current development. Amul has utilized this opportunity very well. You will always find Amul advertisements on their social media account related to the current development happenings in the world. This is simple yet impressive.


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