A business review compiled by Harvard identified problems encountered by teams at work. They are:

Team identity crisis due to lack of mutual understanding, disproportionate efforts, undefined team goals, and varying personal and team objectives

Difficulty in decision making to do differentiating individual opinions and outlooks

Distorted communication triggered by conflicting thoughts, unmet goals, personality factors, and even job dissatisfaction that leads to either miscommunication or a lack of it.

Inability to resolve conflicts due to the already existing tension among members

Lack of participation while establishing goals and coming to decisions while strategizing ways to meet them.

Little to no creativity within the team in terms of generating fresh ideas or making niche suggestions that were unexplored or unthought-of.

An absence of unanimity while approaching an objective or thinking through alternatives.

Missing or ineffective leadership due to lack of vision and structure within the team.

In addition to the above, factors such as lack of job satisfaction, layoffs, employee competition, and office politics among others can cast a negative impact on collaborations and team member relationships.


Rapport formation is key

Your interpersonal connections are crucial to your survival and wellbeing not just within your personal and social space, but also at your place of work. Engage in substantial conversation with those around you, including the politically strong ones - don’t be afraid to get to know your co-employees.

Know who the power players are

While rapport formation can help you lay the foundation for staying afloat through stressful waves at work, it is equally important to identify the influencers within your organization.

These power players are determined in terms of their political ability and competency, and may not always be somebody senior. Knowing who they help one stay alert, and also enables their understanding of whether they wish to connect with them, maintain distance, or simply go with the flow.

Exercise your observational skills

Enhancing your observational skills is an effective way to steer clear of controversies. This can be done by engaging in active listening to avoid saying something that may come back to bite you later on.

A great way to go about this would be to follow the 2:1 rule where you listen more and speak less by virtue of having 2 ears and 1 mouth respectively.

Encourage healthy behavior

A great way to combat negativity is by boosting positivity. Praising the good work of coworkers, engaging in meaningful conversations, and sticking to your commitments among others can do wonders for you at work, and help you to remain in the clean zone.

Be conscious

At times, we may be so busy observing those around us, that we may forget to do the same thing to ourselves first. The key here is to be alert when it comes to your attitude and behavior towards your colleagues, so as to avoid any kind of discomforting situations and/or conflicts.

Maintain neutrality

Being neutral is when one has neither a positive, nor a negative outlook towards a situation or a person. It is thus the safe neighborhood. Neutrality may also imply that one simply has no judgment towards something at all, which in turn helps one to avoid negative situations at work.

Here, being mindful is the key to healthy team member relationships. Remember: Words can slay. The same thing said by you can be perceived differently by different people, hence be cautious when it comes to what you choose to let out and how you decide to present it to others.

Do not confuse your formal and informal relations

Friendly relations with team members may promote a positive office ambiance, but one must know where to draw their line. Revealing too much personal information to a colleague may have the tendency to do you more harm than good at times.

No matter how close a coworker may be, it’s always safe to set certain limitations and have a professional framework within which we would like to function at work while keeping the personal conversations reserved for people we share informal equations with.

Steer clear of workplace romance

We cannot always control who we fall for, but what we decide to do about that feeling is always a choice. Workplace romance may seem convenient for some, as they may call it as ‘having the best of both worlds’, but keeping off that thought would surely help you keep workplace controversies at bay.

It is rightly said - there is not just a time, but also a place for everything. Setting aside different, more personalized environments to find love or cultivate romantic relationships is a healthier practice, as well as a safer way to set personal and professional boundaries for yourself.

Be cautious with the visibility of your achievements

By this, we are referring to using constructive ways to communicate your achievements that do not interfere with the bonds that you share with your team members.

Ensuring that you do not begin to appear overconfident or snobbish while putting your competencies on display. How you choose to exhibit your skills and accomplishments would make or break things between you and your colleagues.

Personalism v/s Professionalism

At times, somebody may simply say or do something in order to trigger a negative reaction from you. In such times, remember to not take professional attacks personally, and refrain from getting too emotionally involved in matters that are work-related. 

It is always easier for a calm and composed individual to survive workplace conflicts, and that is something that one can achieve through thorough segregation of their personal and professional lives, something more commonly referred to as ‘striking a healthy work-life balance’. For more information visit here:  https://www.betterlyf.com

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