How Do You Study for a Test?

By Kelly Roell

How Do You Study For a Test in Five Days?

How to study for any test

How do you study for a test if you have five days? Well, that's a great question! Thankfully, you aren't asking, "How do you study for a test" if you only have one, two, three or four days. You gave yourself plenty of time to prepare fully for your test, and didn't even consider cramming. Here's your 5-day schedule.

Study for a Test Day 1: Ask and Read:

In School:

  1. Ask your teacher what type of test it will be. Multiple choice? Essay? That'll make a difference in how you prepare.
  2. Ask your teacher for a review sheet if he/she hasn't already given you one. (i.e. test content)
  3. Get a study partner set up for the night before the test if possible – even via phone/facebook/Skype.
  4. Take home your review sheet and textbook.

At Home:

  1. Eat some brain food.
  2. Read your review sheet, so you know what's going to be on the test.
  3. Reread the chapters in the textbook that will be on the test.
  4. That's it for day one!

Study for a Test Day 2: Organize and Make Flashcards:

In School:

  1. Pay attention in class – your teacher may be going over things that will be on the test!
  2. Take home your handouts, assignments, and former quizzes along with your textbook and review sheet.

At Home:

  • Organize your notes. Rewrite or type them up so they're legible. Organize your handouts according to dates. Make note of anything you're missing. (Where's the vocab quiz from chapter 2?)
  • Go through your review sheet, finding the answers for every question on there from your notes, handouts, textbook, etc.
  • Make flashcards with a question/term/vocab word on the front of the card, and the answer on the back. When you're finished, put your flashcards in your backpack so you can study throughout the day tomorrow.
  • Stay focused!

    Study for a Test Day 3: Memorize

    In School:

    1. Throughout the day, pull your flashcards out and ask yourself questions (when you're waiting for class to start, at lunch, during study hall, etc.)
    2. Clarify anything you didn't totally understand with your teacher. Ask for missing items (that vocab quiz from chapter 2).
    3. Ask if there will be a review before the test later this week.

    At Home:

    1. Set a timer for 45 minutes, and memorize everything on the review sheet that you don't already know using mnemonic devices like acronyms or singing a song. Stop after 45 minutes and move on to other homework. You have two more days to study for this bad boy!
    2. Put your flashcards in your backpack for more review tomorrow.

    Study for a Test Day 4: Memorize Some More

    In School:

    1. Again, pull your flashcards out and ask yourself questions throughout the day.
    2. Confirm study date for tomorrow night.

    At Home:

    1. Set a timer for 45 minutes again. Go back through your flashcards and review sheet, memorizing anything you don't have down pat. Take a 5-minute break. If necessary, set a timer for 45 minutes again and continue if you're still unsure of any material!
    2. Put your flashcards in your backpack for review again tomorrow.

    Study for a Test Day 5: Study and Quiz

    In School:

    1. Throughout the day, pull your flashcards out and ask yourself questions again.
    2. If your teacher is having an exam review today, pay close attention and write down anything you haven't learned yet. If the teacher mentions it today – it's on the test, guaranteed!
    3. Confirm study date with a friend for this evening.

    At Home:

    1. Ten-twenty minutes before your study partner (or mom) shows up to quiz you for the exam, review your flashcards. Make sure you have everything down pat.
    2. Quiz. When your study partner arrives, take turns asking possible exam questions to each other. Make sure each of you has a turn asking and answering because you'll learn the material best by doing both. Stop once you've been through the questions a few times and get a good night's sleep.

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Though studying for a test in five days seems difficult but if you have a precise strategy for it then you will accomplish this particular task properly. The thing which you have to start off with is your strong passion for it otherwise you will get nothing and end up with performing poorly in your test. The foremost thing is to make a precise strategy for the preparation of your test and going according to the strategy will definitely pay off for you. Throughout your five days, you should give maximum time to your study but with an extreme passion otherwise, you will fail to ensure the best preparation for your test. Before you start preparing for your test, it is essential to diversify your knowledge about the topic of your test and find study material accordingly. Finding a study partner will also pay off for you academically and you will be able to ensure quality preparation for your test. Your study partner will always be there to help while preparing for your test. Keep in mind that going with customized studying method is the key factor in preparing well for the test. I found a lot about study methods while acing my dissertation and I did not get a chance to buy cheap dissertation online. While writing my dissertation, I came across the fact that customized study approach definitely ensures the academic success of every student.

Hi, Having a Successful Studying Routine. Make a study schedule. Start as soon as possible. Ask your teacher what things she/he want you to study. Get some sleep. Make time for breakfast. Avoid the last minute cram session. Study right after waking and just before bed.  coursework writing service

Pay attention in class – your teacher may be going over things that will be on the test.Take home your handouts, assignments, and former quizzes along with your textbook and review sheet. dissertation writing services



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