Magento as a life style!

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform.That is the short definition, however the Magento company in India would prefer to outline Magento considering the seven years that they even have been a part of the Magento system.In the seven years, Magento has been evolving to the purpose it's nowadays, an entire answer insured by individuals with a passion for e-commerce.If you decide on Magento because the platform for your e-commerce web site, you may receive updates for the platform on an everyday basis.Those updates embody new options, enhancements, and bug fixes to boost the general expertise in your web site.

A Magento website developer can confirm that Magento is a platform that can be customized to fit any requirement.This means that you simply will add new options, embody third-party libraries, and customise the default behavior of Magento.As the language goes, the sole limit is your imagination.Whenever best website developers  even have to speak regarding Magento, they continuously take your time to speak regarding its community.Sherrie Rohde is that the Magento Community Manager and she or he has shared some very attention-grabbing facts regarding the Magento community in 2016:

  • Delivered over 725 topics on Magento or at Magento-centric events
  • Produced over 100 podcast episodes around Magento
  • Organized and made conferences and meetup teams in over thirty four countries
  • Written over 1000 blog posts about Magento

New features in Magento 2

Magento a pair of is that the new generation of the platform, with new options, technologies, and improvements that make Magento one of the most robust and complete e-commerce solutions available at the moment.

In this section, the Magento website designer in India are described the most variations between Magento one and Magento a pair of.

  1. New technologies
  • Composer: This is a dependency manager for PHP.The dependencies may be declared and musician can manage these dependencies by putting in and change them.In Magento a pair of, Composer simplifies the process of installation and upgradationextensions and upgrading Magento.
  • Varnish 4: Varnish can be associate open supply hypertext transfer protocol accelerator.It stores pages and other assets in memory to reduce the response time and network bandwidth consumption.
  • RequireJS: it's a library to load Javascript files on-the-fly, reducing the amount of hypertext transfer protocol requests and rising the speed of the Magento Store.
  • jQuery: The frontend in Magento one was enforced victimisation model because the language for Javascript.In Magento a pair of, the language for Javascript code is jQuery.
  • js: this can be associate open supply Javascript library that implements the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, providing a great way of creating interactive frontend components.
  • LESS: this can be associate open supply CSS preprocessor that enables the developer to jot down designs for the shop during a additional rectifiable and long manner.
  • Magento UI Library: this can be a standard frontend library that uses a collection of mix-ins for general parts and permits developers to figure additional with efficiency on frontend tasks.
  1. New tools
  • Magento Performance Toolkit: this can be a tool that enables merchants and developers to check the performance of the Magento installation and customizations.Magento a pair of command-line tool: this can be a tool to run a collection of commands within the Magento installation to clear the cache, re-index the shop, produce info backups, enable maintenance  mode, and more.
  • Data Migration Tool: This tool permits developers to migrate the prevailing knowledge from Magento one.x to Magento a pair of.The tool includes verification, progress following, logging, and testing functions.
  • Code Migration Toolkit: this permits developers to migrate Magento one.x extensions and customizations to Magento 2.Manual verification and updates ar needed so as to create the Magento one.x extensions compatible with Magento a pair of.
  • Magento a pair of Developer Documentation: one among the complaints by the Magento community was that Magento one didn’t have enough documentation for developers.In order to resolve this drawback, the Magento team created the official Magento 2 Developer Documentation with detailed description for developers, system administrators, designers, and QA specialists.
  1. Admin panel changes
  • Better UI: The admin panel contains a new look-and-feel, which is more intuitive and easier to use.In addition to that, the admin panel is now responsive and can be viewed from any device in any resolution.
  • Inline writing: The admin panel grids enable inline editing to manage knowledge during a more practical manner.
  • Step-by-step product creation: the merchandise add/edit page is one among the foremost necessary pages within the admin panel.The Magento team worked arduous to form a special expertise once it involves adding/editing merchandise within the Magento admin panel, and also the result's that you simply will manage products with a bit-by-bit page that has the fields and import tools separated in numerous sections.
  1. Frontend changes
  • Integrated video in product page: Magento a pair of permits uploading a video for the merchandise, introducing a new way of displaying products in the catalog.
  • Simplified checkout: The steps within the checkout page are reduced to permit customers to position orders in less time, increasing the conversion rate of the Magento store.
  • Register section faraway from checkout page: In Magento one, the customer had the opportunity to register from step 1 of the checkout page.This needed the client to consider his account and also the watchword before finishing the order.In order to create the checkout easier, Magento a pair of permits the client to register from the order success page while not delaying the checkout method.

What do you need to get started?

Magento could be a very powerful platform and there's continuously one thing new learn.Just once you suppose you recognize everything regarding Magento, a new version is released with new features to discover.This makes Magento fun, Associate in Nursingd this makes Magento distinctive as an e-commerce platform.

That being same, contact the best magento website designer in Qatar who are going to be your guide to find everything you wish to grasp to implement, manage, and maintain your initial Magento store.You also contact to magento website developer in USA. They are also famous and advanced with Magento2.

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