This article highlights the cuurent developments in the Indian education system such as boraden role of the coaching centres and increasing importance of the customized study material to crack competitive examinations like IIT - JEE and PMT.

Easy access to education, skill-specific education, introduction of e-content, customized study material and branding of the schools and coaching centres are some of the recent trends in the education industry. Technology has become the driving force of these developments and even coaching institutes are investing like corporate in marketing and branding activities. These days, the internet can be accessed even in the remote areas and to increase their reach, schools and colleges are providing e-education in virtual classrooms. From application form to syllabus and even study material can be downloaded from the school website. Today, both poor and rich can garner a quality education through online courses.

Skill-specific education has emerged as a valuable gift for the working students, because they can focus on both work and study. It is the best way to enhance student’s technical skills and knowledge about a specific topic or subject. Powered by internet technology and e-classes, online skill-specific education programs are getting runaway popularity in the digital age. The internet has revolutionised the learning concept, today, students can access to knowledge sources via video tutorials on all internet compatible devices such as laptop, smart phone and tablet.

Nowadays, school and coaching centres are providing customised study material to students and their teachers. The customized study material meets the demand of the present day academic system and saves the time of both teachers and students. Be it study material for the annual examinations or to clear the IIT-JEE or PMT, the customised and well researched study material simplify every learning task for the students. These study kit contains notes, mock tests and all relevant information required by a student to take the exams.

India has witnessed a paradigm-shift in the functioning of coaching centres in the last couple of years and alike retail and real estate, the business approach of schools and coaching centres also got transformed in a vibrant way. Alike other commercial activities, branding has become imperative for educational institutes and all the leading brands in this particular domain are investing crores of rupees annually in marketing and brand building activities.

There is sizzling competition among all big brands in this sector, they are fiercely fighting for high market penetrationPsychology Articles, distribution and increased revenue. New entrant too are very much aggressive in this league and they are investing a lot in marketing and promotion. They know well that only brands will sustain in the long-run and sooner they establish the brand better it will be for them.

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Guys! The most interesting and important trend in Education is VR! Development isn't paralyzed. There are a lot of subjects to learn through virtual reality deeply. I was so surprised and on the other hand dissapointed because in our times there were no presentations on lessons. Children nowadays are lucky so much. They are not only to read, learn and write medicine essays  but they can also discover all organs of human. I'm realy proud of humanity. 

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The internet has revolutionised the learning concept, today, students can access to knowledge sources via video tutorials on all internet compatible devices such as laptop, smart phone and tablet.  1Y0-203 exam questions

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Thank you for your sharing. Thanks to this article I can learn more things. Expand your knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very practical. Thank you!

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These modern trends have enabled our children to watch different things in their lives through the different perspective that we did not have when we were children so we need to encourage them in their learnings and I have added that in my statement of purpose MBA to make my assignment as I do tkae help from my children in order to complete the progress.



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