The road to who will be crowned Euro 2012 Champion will get a lot clearer on Friday. cheap nfl jerseys . The draw to determine the four pools for the tournament offers an early insight into who could have the easiest road to the Final and often leaves some teams looking ahead to a steep uphill battle. Catch live coverage of the Euro 2012 Draw Friday on TSN and starting at 12pm et/9am pt. The procedure is designed to be a random and fair pooling of the 16 qualified teams, but there are often quirks that appear in the rankings. This draw, especially, offers a couple that will could to one or even two Groups of Death as well as a wealth of other intriguing pooling possibilities. The largest quirk to the draw is the fact that the two host nations – Poland and Ukraine – have been granted top-seed status to ensure home-field play throughout the group stage and into the knockout rounds, should the two teams advance. The run-off effect is that the pool of second seeds is rife with teams that could otherwise have been in the first pot, such as Germany, Italy and England. That trend continues down the line, with powerful teams like Croatia and Portugal residing in the third pot. So, what are the possibilities? The most intriguing would be a true group of Death. The most glaring example, based on pedigree and star-power would feature a possible quartet of Spain, England, Portugal and France. With each team in separate pots, it could actually happen. Even after a super-group of those four, there would be room for another group of death featuring The Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and The Czech Republic. Or how about a group comprised of the last four teams to win the tournament? Spain, Germany, Greece and France could conceivably be lumped together with only two spots to be had. Even looking beyond the group (or groups) of death scenarios, there are still plenty of potentially intriguing match-ups to be drawn. Regional rivalries could boil over if, for example Ukraine and Russia should wind up in the same group. The same could be said for a potential Spain-Portugal pairing or England and Ireland. One of the more topical scenarios presents the possibility of the Group of Debt with the economically-troubled nations of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland all winding up in one pool. Even after the groupings are complete, theres always a team that surprises once the tournament kicks off. If one team falters or another surprises, it could make even the most underwhelming groups exciting to watch once the tournament begins. One need only to look at Frances performance at the 2002 World Cup or Italys showing in South Africa two years ago to see how a defending Champion can come up short. The Euro tournament is especially tough on defending champions. Consider that no defending Champion has won a game in the knock-out phase of the tournament since the play-off round was added to the tournaments format in 1984. Should Spain falter it could bust the brackets wide open, especially if the draw produces surprising results. In the end, however, the speculation could all be for naught. The host teams could wind up with some of the higher-ranked teams from the lower pots and each group could have two clear favourites alongside two contending nations. But thats why they call it the luck of the draw. cheap jerseys from china . Tsonga fired 11 aces and didnt drop a service game in the match to improve his record to four wins in five tour-level matches against his French compatriot. After Tsonga got the decisive break of the first set in the second game, the second set went with serve until the tiebreaker. cheap china jerseys . Murdochs Aberdeen rink beat Rasmus Stjerne of Denmark 7-6 at the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria.Golf took another stand against video evidence Tuesday by announcing a new decision that would not penalize a player whose ball moves at rest if the movement is only detected by enhanced pictures. It was the second time in the last two years that the U.S. Golf Association and Royal & Ancient have established new guidelines involving video. The next edition of "Decisions on the Rules of Golf" effective Jan. 1 will include three new decisions, the most significant being 18/4. It says that when "enhanced technological evidence" shows that a ball moved, it will not be deemed to have moved if not "reasonably discernible to the naked eye at the time." The new decision did not stem from Tiger Woods being penalized two shots in the BMW Championship in September. His ball moved barely a dimple as he tried to remove a twig from in front of the ball. The movement was captured by a videographer, and the violation was detected by an editor going through the film. Even after watching video after his round, Woods said he thought the ball only oscillated. At the time, rules officials already had gone through multiple drafts of the new decision. Decision 18/4 instead was an offshoot of Decision 33-7/4.5 in 2011. Under that decision, officials can waive disqualification for an incorrect scorecard if a player was unaware of a rules violation. The example was Peter Hanson, who double-hit a chip shot. The violation was only detected through HDTV played in super slow-motion. Thomas Pagel, the USGAs senior director of rules and competition, said an example of Decision 18/4 would be a player addressing his ball in the rough, and only a camera zoomed in on the ball showed it moving fractionally based on the blades of grass around the ball. In that case, the player would have no idea it had moved. The "Decisions" are updated everyy two years. china jerseys. The Rules of Golf are updated every four years. The latest decisions were part of a movement by the USGA and R&A to deal with increased advances in video technology. In a joint statement, they said the Rules of Golf committees continue to look at other issues related to video. That includes the precision in marking, lifting and replacing a golf ball; estimating where to take relief; and the appropriate penalty for returning an incorrect scorecard when the player was unaware of a violation. "As is true of the rules in many other televised sports, adapting to developments in technology and video evidence is an important ongoing topic in making and applying the Rules of Golf," the statement said. What remains unaffected is television viewers reporting potential violations. Golf officials say it is important to consider all evidence from any source. The only change is that a player might not be penalized if the only clear evidence is from enhanced video. The other chances to the 2014-15 edition of "Decisions:" --Decision 14-3/18 allows players to use smart phones to access weather reports. The new decision also clarifies that players are permitted access to information on the threat of an approaching storm for their own safety. --Decision 25-2/0.5 was revised to clarify when a golf ball is embedded. Officials have noticed an increased in tour players asking for relief, and a debate on whether the ball has broken through the soil. The revised decision will be accompanied by illustrations. --Decision 27-2a/1.5 was revised to allow players to go forward 50 yards without losing their right to return to play a provisional ball. The new edition of "Decisions" includes three new decisions and 59 revised decisions, while 24 decisions were taken out. Pagel said this done for the sake of clarity. ' ' '

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