A quick search under "boy scouts backpacking" revealed the following RL list.
This is stuff you would probably regret not packing on a long trip...
These items are ESSENTIAL
Backpack Backpack "duck" (for rain) Sleeping bag Tent with rain fly, footprint, and stakes Sleeping pad Water filter Food Matches Toilet paper Small shovel (if toilets are not available) First Aid kit Jacket Pocket knife Utensils Compass Flashlight or headlamp Map Hat Rain gear
These items are IMPORTANT
Stove with fuel Extra underwear, shirt, pants, socks Extra outerwear (if it’s cold) Bivy sack (if it’s cold) Fleece sleeping bag liner (if it’s cold) Gloves (if it’s cold) Sunglasses (especially if you’re on snow) Gaiters or snow pants (if you’re on snow) Sunscreen Plastic bags (for wet clothing and garbage) Nylon cord (50 feet) Duct tape (small roll) Dining fly (tarp)
These items are GOOD to have
Mess kit (if NOT using freeze dried food) Fire starters Camp saw Sitting pad Cup Extra water bottle Bug repellent Hand towel Toothbrush Comb
These items are NICE to have (if you can afford the weight)
Swimsuit Lantern Camp stool Hiking poles Camera Binoculars Fishing pole