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MapleStory M: How to get pets and their effects

At MapleStory M, you'll explore the world's peaceful islands, upgrade your ranks, team up or chat with other players, and start missions for other players. One of the most popular features is pets.

Pets and creeps are of course very common features in many games, but they are more interesting in MapleStory M. They not only follow you but also act cutely. Besides, they serve different purposes in combat, such as when your health is not good, it will treat you with …


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Elder Scrolls Online Adventures: Border exploration and Beat the world boss

Although I know a little progress mainly tasks of Summerset - yet it's incredible - I spent almost considerable time in the past week to have the hard life of the residents. I do not want to destroy anything. Every task of these tasks is quite exciting, which impressed me.

I helped the lighting school's scholars solve the unknown problem, which made almost everyone in the company addicted to it. Although the final battle was not as challenging as I thought, when I saw that the…


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Path of Exile: synthesis takes place after the best expansion of Grinding Gear Games

Players on the Path of Exile enjoy betrayal - that is, they make betrayal a milestone expansion of online role-playing games. Now Grinding Gear Games is preparing to integrate the contradiction between the next expansion.

In the latest media briefing, general manager and co-founder Chris Wilson broke the limitations of players in the expansion. All of this is the latest expansion of the student's advanced integration, the road to exile. He reiterated that Betrayal is the most…


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'Exile Road' 3.6 synthetic release time: When can I jump into the memory bank?

The latest version of the Path of Exile extension will probably be released on the PC. If you've been training yourself in a free dungeon, you need to look for something more difficult to hone your skills so that you can progress faster.

The road to exile: synthetic release time

There is a countdown on the main page of the official website of the exile road, and it is recorded how long the game will be released from the PC. If everything goes according to plan and the…


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The new 'Maplestory M' has a new rating and title.

The most heartbreaking thing about players using Apple computers before switching to PCs is usually that they no longer have the ability to play "Maplestory". If you start to realize, then it means you already know. However, if you don't do this, this article will not make up for the loss of your childhood stay in front of the computer.

Maplestory M (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) has attracted a large number of game fans. At the height of the past year, Nexon…


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Game Review: Online Seniors Scroll: Elsweyr (PC)

Bethesda's critically acclaimed adventure game invites players to start a new adventure as The Elder Scrolls Online continues its new Elsweyr chapter throughout the year and continues its one-year dragon season.

A thousand years before "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", The Elder Scrolls Online offers game lovers the opportunity to experience the history of fictional continents. In the past five years, developers have happened to …


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Path of Exile developers say that development teams are less likely to tighten, but sometimes they are limited

Chris Wilson, co-founder and lead developer of RPG Path Of Exile, gave a detailed account of the studio's current workload and priorities, including employee health and life balance. He wrote: "Some studios have their team working 14 hours a day to package patches, and each patch also needs to be fixed and improved." "I don't want me to run the company this way."

I can lag "we don't tighten" to become the badge of public relations pride. After reporting Epic Games' poor…


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Path of Exile full version PC game download full version

Beginners need to read a lot of content about gameplay, which is a reasonable way to play games better.

Goal - The basic goal of athletes is to collect a variety of sticky balls. They can also use these balls to create bridges and different structures. Each type of sticky ball has its unique attributes that you should remember.

Level - A total of around 48, so you can see a lot of interesting gameplay. Players must collect the ball to start a match between the player and…


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MapleStory M launches new Evan Class and Mini-Games

MapleStory M is a free massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android. In addition to new mini-games and seasonal events, there is also the addition of the new Magic Dragon Master. As the last descendant of the Dragon Lord, Evan's mission is to tame Mil, and the last one has a powerful dragon.

The skills of the Dragon Masters include summoning Mill to fight, launching Mil's Dragon Howler at the enemy, and flying freely on its back. In addition to the…


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Recent updates to Albion Online

Albion Online is a completely PC- and mobile-based MMORPG, just released its latest update, Percival.

When the project was first released, there was a free mode during the test, and after the test phase, the player started to buy the game. There is no monthly fee during this period, but the in-game market can make small transactions for players to purchase the equipment and other items they need. Then, since this year, the overall game has returned to the free game mode, but…


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Albion Online's Percival update with a random dungeon and more

Albion Online is patched with Percival Update, which brings many of the latest features to players. Albion Online ushered in the seventh major update and brought the much-anticipated random dungeon.

Players can gain experience by defeating monsters in random dungeons. These individual players will be created throughout the open world in each area of ??the game. Once inside, the player will face classic challenges and new enemies and will be able to …


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Path of Exile: Who, among other people, has 0.31% of the players in the Legion?

The road to exile provides players with the pleasure of using the current Legion Alliance because of the improved melee skills and simple alliance mechanics. Four weeks after the Legion's release, the developer has shown interesting insights into the player's achievements.

More about the Path of Exile: the return of the Legion Challenge

An important aspect of the "Path of Exile" alliance may be related to the difficulty of players entering different level challenges.…


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MapleStory M celebrates its first anniversary with summer updates and new phantom classes

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leading mobile MMORPG, MapleStory M, they celebrated their first anniversary, but you may be more concerned with the eye-catching Phantom Heroes, as well as a range of activities and new systems. Because many players have expressed great expectations before this, it finally arrived on this hot summer!

Players can now access Phantom's icons in the game, pre-registered players can get unique rewards, until July 17 to provide special gift boxes,…


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Path of Exile Update Version 1.16 New Patch Description

About this game

Each player is a lonely exile, and players in this dark continent need to constantly challenge themselves and work hard. Players need to fight for energy, and of course, they can retaliate against those who bully you. This is created by the players themselves, and Path of Exile is a large role-playing game. Players rely on constant battles, powerful items, and flexible character customization to win the game. The road to exile is completely free, and players never have to…


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The Elder Scrolls Online: Serious performance issues on Xbox One X

ESO is a very popular role-playing game that includes a strong player base in the past. Much of the success of the game is due to the addition of stable new content. By the beginning of June, ESO had added dragons to the game.

According to Bethesda, the dragon has invaded Tamriel and you have a responsibility to stop them. The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr has started a year-long adventure in the “Dragon Season” industry. You will use Khajiit in historical evil to explore and…


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Albion Online updates will include hidden entrances and random dungeons

When the Oberon update is deployed to Albion Online later this year, players will see new PvE content in the "hidden entrance" and random dungeons.

With the update, hidden portals can be randomly generated in the game world. These entries are no longer marked on the map, so you can't determine where they are fixed and can only remain active for a certain period. Five people can enter this random dungeon and start a thrilling adventure. Of course, you can also form multiple groups,…


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Introducing the greatest improvement of Path of Exile in the legion

With each release of the expansion, the road to exile has become larger and larger. The Legion, the Modern Legion, provided wonderful updates for loyal fans and newcomers. From the improvement and balance of melee combat to a new map/regional mechanics, these changes will change the old practice of POE or horizontal grinding.

So needless to say, the changes listed in the Legion are listed below.

Melee fighting

First of all, regarding melee fighting, the Legion…


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Maple Story M update: Buccaneer and Marksman arrive

MapleStory M, one of the many MMORPGs on mobile devices, has introduced two important new categories of updates: Buccaneer and Marksman. In addition to the arrival of the big boss, as well as a series of updates on skills and auxiliary weapons.

Two courses to get a new gaming experience

Pirates allow players to fight close combat with powerful attacks, and the shooter uses his flaws to deal with fatal damage, causing greater lethal damage in close range and greater damage…


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Pete Hines reveals what Fallout 76 learned from the Elder Scrolls Online

“We want to provide more transparency and communication, and more obvious than we are familiar with,” Hines said.

Pete Hines is now opening up the impact of Elder Scrolls Online on Fallout 76. In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Hines learned more about the lessons the Bethesda team learned from your release and the ongoing support for The Elder Scrolls MMO. Thanks to fans who “keep their ideas and are not influenced by others”. Please forgive me because there is something…


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In April, The Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online was changed to Free2Play

The German team Sandbox Interactive announced the conversion of Albion Online into some free models. Then the MMORPG can be played freely. At the same time, a big patch was launched today, bringing a brand new random dungeon.

When is Albion Online free?

At noon on April 10, the adjustment will be explained in the payment system. Since then, all players who want to play Albion Online have access to the server for free. The game client of …


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