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Mistakes led to Yahoo's failure

Sleep forgetting on victory, too lightweight opponent is the main cause leading to the collapse of technology giants a while.

Yahoo is considering selling its entire Internet service, including Flickr, Tumblr and, according to The Wall Street Journal. This does not surprise many people. Yahoo has long since disappeared, and this may be the last breath before the death of technology giant.

But this slow death is also painful, as they once held almost the…


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Troubleshoot issues with Yahoo Account Lockout

Lock up your security account by sending a reminder to your mobile phone instead of using a password to access your account. Use this guide to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise.

. Yahoo Mail Tips

. Yahoo! Mail



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Retrieve Yahoo account when lost

You lose your yahoo password, do not worry if you have set up a security with a backup phone number or email, yahoo password recovery is no problem if you have enough information when posting. sign.

First you need to visit this address to start the password recovery process. Or you can run Yahoo Messenger and click on "Forgot Password"

Next, follow the steps to get back your Yahoo password.



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Former Yahoo CEO earns more than $ 900,000 a week

Less than a day, Yahoo officially belongs to Verizon Communications, ending the glorious era of names who were pioneers in the Internet era. The event also marked the end of the five-year term of CEO Marissa Mayer, who paid a total of nearly $ 250 million - the high-profile salary of technology leader Silicon Valley. continuous downturn.

Mayer, 42, was hailed as a savior when he left Google for Yahoo. But during her administration, Yahoo was involved in two of the biggest violations of…


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Yahoo Mail upgrade

Yahoo! users Mail will continue to receive new "gifts" including better photo sharing.

New moves to bring users back to Yahoo !. Mail from the new CEO Carol Bartz, promising to bring more results as the email service continues to make important reforms. From the addition of two new domains, Ymail and RocketMail to increase the number of users, to the addition of social networking features right in the box.



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The first episode of the developer Vampyr Diary Series released

With the upcoming horror thriller Focus Home Interactive, the Vampyrmovie will be released later this year, publishers have released the first episode of a new web series describing the long-term development of the game play.

The first episode of the movie titled "Making Monsters" and reviewing what developer Dontnod Entertainment of France did to create the protagonist of the game, Dr. Jonathan E. Reid,…


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Mount & Blade 2: Video Bannerlord shows improvements in global lighting technology

Originally scheduled to launch in 2016, Mount & Blade 2: BannerLord has yet to release. Fortunately, it looks like it will be worth the wait.

Developer Taleworlds Entertainment has just released a new video showing the engine's potential in the upcoming medieval war.

This video shows some of the improvements the developer has made to its engine with the slider 'before and after' sliding across the screen. The…


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A new Webseries will unravel the idea of VAMPIR DONTNOD

Developer DONTNOD has been quite quiet on his latest game, Vampyr. Action games are blind, morality looks quite promising, but there are not many conclusions about it late. That, however, seems to change as Focus Home Interactive publishes an ad for a new website, DONTNOD Presents Vampyr.

This four-part series explores the development of the game as well as introduces a new shoot of the game before its release this…


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Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter with a new tactical potential in large numbers with 100 players in extremely detailed WWII battles on a 1: 1 scale from saved references. storage.

Currently being developed on Unreal Engine 4, Hell Let Loose focuses primarily on teamwork and communication, with pledges led by Officers and Commander. The coordination is very important, with the players to focus after the top,…


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State of Decay 2 dev explains how co-op is going to work

One of the biggest new additions in the State of Decay 2 is the ability to play games in co-op.

This feature has been mentioned since the sequel was first published. It supports up to four players, and today, we will learn more about how it will work.

In Microsoft's gamescom, Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain touched on the game's unique co-op technician.…


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Analysis of Metal Gear Survive for PS4, Xbox One and PC

On February 22, Metal Gear Survived for PS4, Xbox One and PC were released, also marking the opening of the European server. So, if you are wondering why the analysis was not in this site or in many others, that is the explanation.

Then, we spent countless hours exploring, crafting weapons, fighting zombies and finally surviving this new breakthrough game and the invasion of saga par excellence, combining A variety…


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State of Decay 2 will appear on Xbox One and PC in 2018

One of the ads that has not leaked from the Microsoft conference in 2016 E3 is the State of Decay 2 by Undead Labs.

New version of survival game in open world with the zombies from this small studio will come to Xbox One and PC next year, on the appointed day.…


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SuperData: Dragon Ball Fighterz is the biggest fighting game ever

According to research firm SuperData Research, the company that produced the arcade combat system Namco and the arcade combat system publisher Namco defeated their hands: Dragon Ball Fighterz is just a kamehameha-turned-game fighting game. The biggest battle for digital revenue.…


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State of Decay 2 Gameplay Revealed at Xbox E3

State of Decay 2 has a new trailer at the Xbox 360 E3 2017 press conference, demonstrating the many zombie activities that fans of the original will be familiar with. That is, State of Decay 2 will give players an open world to collect community, find a house and build it to protect themselves from the zombies that are hiding in the world.…


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Controversy revolves around the game Far Cry 5

In the latest Far Cry 5 advertisement, a dead Christian sank along as a follower while baptizing them on the river.

The game has sparked controversy by offering radical religious elements in rural America as villains with online calls for a boycott and accusing it of being a " white".

In the direct action trailer of Baptism, publisher Ubisoft has given a glimpse of "the birth of the biggest Far Cry villain ever…


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Hell Let Loose - campaigns instead of battles

Hell Let Loose is a real MMO shooter for PC, it will throw you as a soldier during World War II in big battles. But you are just a small part of the whole and must win through teamwork and perseverance.

In Hell Let Loose you are just a small part of a great force like a player. Up to 50 people on each side compete against each other and try to conquer the industry. Not only can you play as a…


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Hotmail -

Formerly known as Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail) is one of the most popular free email service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is a Webmail service and users can access it from any browser in the world with an Internet connection, username and password.

What happened to Hotmail?

In 2012, the Windows Live Hotmail service was renamed to The URL…


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Video game Far Cry 5 shows fighting, driving, fishing and more

Far Cry 5 is currently attracting a lot of gamers' attention, because the game brings a very interesting scene and a wind blows through the brand. Ubisoft has shown a lot of play through live streams in PAX West in Seattle. In the videos below, we see dogs fighting in the sky, fishing, driving a variety of vehicles, fighting and more.…


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State of Decay 2 was officially announced at the press conference of Xbox E3. State of Decay 2 returns zombie survivors to Trumbull County. But this time, you are not alone.

Founder of Undead Labs, Jeff Strain, said, "The State of Decay 2 is built on the uniqueness of open-world exploration, the action of the third, and the imaginary survival role we have. pioneered the original State of Decay, and then added a…


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Import your inbox when you sign in to Hotmail

Before Hotmail was replaced by, to view your inbox after signing in you need to make some settings in your account preferences, because by default you have been directed to the Windows Live site. main. With the arrival of, access to the inbox…


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Google has detected serious user-generated spam on our site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles.

Time and time again, it has come to our attention that…


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User-generated spam

Dear members,

Google has detected user-generated spam on our site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles.

Time and time again, it has come to our attention that there have been a lot of excessive online marketing and spamming activities done on the site. We…


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