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Japanese company sells children's sex dolls

Recently, a children's simulation doll produced by a Japanese company has aroused strong repercussions. The founders of the company said that these sex dolls can prevent pedophiles from starting with real children. However, many people criticize this practice.

 According to the report, Trottla is a Japanese company specializing in the production of such children's dolls. The company's founder Shin Takagi said that…


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Do you know what characteristics of dolls are?

For example, do you know how to make a sex doll makeup? Do you know how to bathe the doll? What is the water temperature suitable for TPE and silica? Can a doll maintain a posture for a long time? Do you know these?

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How to fix the doll?

If you buy a ulovesexdoll-5.jpg, you should be careful when using it, because the TPE material is soft, avoiding long-term compression as much as possible, which will seriously damage the doll.

I want to know how to fix it, I will tell you now.

The general crack can be repaired with a soldering iron, and the temperature is used to melt the TPE and fill…


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Why are some dolls at very low prices?

It's quite possible that some have their own factory, or the difference in materials!
In fact, products like sex dolls still have to go to regular production, good quality manufacturers to buy.
I recommend: ulovesexdoll

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Why are the same sex doll photos, but the price is different?

If you want to buy sex dolls, you will shop around, which creates a phenomenon. The same photos, the price is different.

Some prices are between 2000-3000 US dollars, some even only a few hundred dollars, too expensive and not so much money, too cheap and can not buy, afraid of quality is not good.

In fact, you have to look at what material is used in this store. If it is silicone, it will be more expensive,…


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In the park, see the grandfather with a doll in a wheelchair.

Perhaps it will be very surprised that people are now more and more open, I think sex dolls are a personal item that is more private.
Of course, it does not rule out which ones do not care about the world and do it yourself. There are also people who don't know what a sex doll is, abound.

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Do you have an urgent desire to buy a doll?

There are a lot of things that I want to buy on a whim. I don’t know how to store them or how to use them after I buy them. So that the sex dolls are broken and I know that I regret it.

Most of the sex dolls now contain a metal skeleton inside, so the waste must be in accordance with the instructions, not to exceed the angle stated in the manual, otherwise, it is easy to break the waist.

How to store it, don't…


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Why do you want to buy sex dolls?

As before, there are only female dolls, so no girls will buy this kind of products, and the former women's status is very low, so it is even more impossible to buy, even if there is, it is only a small group. With the changes and progress of the times, the status of women has been improved, their thoughts have gradually liberated, and some male dolls or other female adult products have gradually emerged.

Of course, we can't say that women buying sex dolls is a very disgusting and…


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You don't know some things

I know that people in many countries are very similar to buying sex dolls. Like some Middle Eastern countries in Asia, sex dollsare forbidden to import.

For example, some countries, such as Canada, the United States, Hawaii, Australia, etc., all need to personally clear.

Therefore, many people worry that they will be very embarrassed or dangerous when they go to customs clearance. As long as you comply with the…


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Do you know ulovesexdoll?

For some people this will be strange, but for others it is very familiar.
All the ulovesexdoll sex dolls are made of TPE and contain a metal skeleton, which makes the joints more flexible.
The main thing is that the price is still very affordable, there are discount activities every month, and discounts on the basis of already cheap, it is not too cost-effective.

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Why is it now prohibited to sell children's dolls?

Didn't you find the height below 140 cm in Amazon and AliExpress?

Like the Japanese doll company, which claims to make children's dolls specifically to reduce the rate of injury to children, this view has quickly been questioned by many netizens because they believe that this will increase the rate of child victimization.

For example, many countries prohibit importing small dolls, such as Canada, Japan, and some…


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9 major considerations for buying sex dolls

First, check the certification to avoid fakes

As with all industries, the sex toys industry also has a lot of deceptive popular products in the cottage, cheap production and make every effort to make money. You can avoid buying cottage products by checking certifications or buying from reputable merchants. Also pay attention to whether the word "only used as a novelty product" is written on the box. This sentence basically means "we do not guarantee the safety of the…


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Do your parents support you to buy sex dolls?

Perhaps in different countries, different parents will react differently, like those who are more open-minded will feel that this is nothing. However, if the thought is more conservative, I feel that this is a perverted behavior that cannot be tolerated at all.

And the parents who support the child's purchase dolls, they know that their children are not so-called metamorphosis when people are curious, there are times when they have desires. Even if you don't agree with it, you need to…


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Have you ever thought about buying a doll?

I just started to contact the doll when I was working. I didn't know it before. I only knew that there was an inflatable doll, but I never heard of a silicone doll, which is very similar.

So when I started to watch the news, in which countries I started to open sex dolls and brothels, I thought it was incredible at first, why would anyone want to go there?

But later, I realized that in fact, people who buy sex dolls are not necessarily directed at their own sexual desires, but for…


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Is the taste of TPE doll poisonous?

Some people ask, is the smell of human body dolls toxic? Does it have any harm to the human body? According to the 15 years of experience in the TPE materials related to sex dolls, TPC has interpreted the smell of human dolls from the professional point of view and whether it is harmful.

A variety of factors have led to increasingly different types of people's pursuit of fun life in today's society. An obvious…


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Do you know how to have sexual intercourse with a doll?

If you are buying sex dolls for the first time, then the things about men and women are here. I don't think I need to say more. But you remember, sex dolls are not real women, so you have to pay attention to these aspects.

1. First of all, the body of the doll must be heated. In order to return to the feeling of real human beings, the temperature is very important. Otherwise, it will make a cold body, not to mention…


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Sex doll cleaning method

This believes that many people who have purchased sex dolls will wash their sex dolls for a while, so how do you clean them?

1. Prepare gloves and lubricants (and wear gloves)

2. The hand-held device, squeeze the lubricant on the surface of the name of the device and spread it into the lower body.

3. After using it, put on the glove and pull out the name to clean it. Wear the glove in one piece and squeeze…


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What is the difference between standing feet and not standing?

Standing feet literally explain that they can stand. This is because they can stand on their feet with a metal skeleton, which can make the whole body evenly stressed. If you say beautiful, there is no good standing.

If you are forced to stand up the non-standing sex doll, this will not only reduce the force but also destroy the silica gel in the footstep. This is extremely destructive and it is impossible to repair…


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What if the doll is dirty?

It is estimated that many people who have purchased dolls, in order to buy clothes, cause the color of the clothes to be stained on the doll body, it is difficult to clean, and a little stain can affect the beauty of the doll. Some fading creams are not obvious, and some stains are still on the dolls. So when buying clothes, try to buy light colors, or buy good quality, non-fading clothes are no better.



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Sex dolls, do you know how to maintain?

When you buy a home, if you use it, remember to clean it, then dry the water, especially in the vagina, because this place can directly touch the skeleton. Once the water invades, the skeleton will be rusty. If you buy a removable vagina, it won't be so troublesome.
Like TPE material, the skin will be very oily after washing, so you need to wipe it with corn flour, flour, and hazelnut powder.

sex doll

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