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Business bank account or personal?

I'm looking to set up a new bank account (any one other than Bank of Scotland, as that's who my personal account is with, and would prefer to keep them separate to avoid any confusion)

Does anyone know if there are any free business bank accounts? It would be used just to store money from customers making purchases and nothing else really.

Would something like CashPlus be better? Any downsides to CashPlus?

I'm expecting…


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Need enterprise software

Hello All, and thanks for any help in advance. I ahve a business tha thas seen unreal growth in the last few years. We build small boats, though with a lot of parts. We build approximately 150 per year, and I just cannot keep all of the "stuff" organized. Inventory, (parts and finished boats) order paperwork, scheduling, etc. are proving to be very difficult with our newfound volume, and I need some software/cloud system assistance. Any ideas out there on good enterprise software that…


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Standard Operating Procedure


We're in the process of restructuring a lot of our business. It's a mom and pop retail store that has outgrown it's ability to be completely run by mom and pop. To run more efficiently, we've had a number of people tell us to create an SOP. Does anybody have one of these in place at the their business? If so, how does it work and what sorts of things do you include in it? If you need more information or clarification, let me know.

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Planning before Business Setup

Hello Friends,

I am planning to start a business but haven't decided to go in which sector, what are some necessary things which needs an appropriate planning before starting up a business.I regularly read newspapers and online business magazine(Outlook Business, Forbes, Business Standards) to keep eye on day to day business trends. 

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Recording through airplane window

I need a good advice. How to successfully record 4K videos from the airplane window.

I've Sony AX53. While returning from vacation, I sat in row 21A which is very good position, right before engine on Boeing 737-800. Autofocus was on Automatic.

Surprisingly, I've got rather fuzzy 4K video and sporadically, camera informed me about Manual Focus which I disregarded.

What is the prefered method to film from airplane window, during the day. 

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Premiere proxy weirdness

Probably a noob question but... when I switch to the proxy files, I get a black band on the right and left side, and the image is squeezed a little. When I switch back to the original video, the black bands go away.

Complicating the situation, I'm using 4k video (3840 X 2160) @ 30fps from 3 cameras and 1080p video from one camera, and outputting 1080p. (4-camera live music shoot.) The sequence setting I'm using is the DSLR preset at 1080p, 30fps. Proxy setting is Apple Pro Res. To…


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Filming Waterpolo Games with GH5

I just purchased the GH5. Heading to Serbia for an international tournament on Saturday for my son, but I don't have any time to dial it in- All US water polo activity is on hiatus for a few more weeks- no games or practices anywhere to test settings. Need some tips on optimum settings, filters, best practices etc... I am not sure if I will be indoor or not.

My goal is to shoot in 4K 30P. Dump all files each night onto an external USB HD through a MB Pro. I have one SD card 256GB SDXC…


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Video Capture


I downloaded ... Camstudio. ..... and began using it to video capture virtually anything on my screen

I got sound on the vids too the picture quality was great

However after about 2 days I went back and it said... your trial period is over.... !

I downloaded... Tiny Take... this one really did look like free software,

with the free version you are restricted to ... think its 5 mins.... but the pic quality is great

only one thing, I cant manage to get…


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Best Market Tool for a Full-Time Trader?

Hey all,

A few years ago i used to have an awesome tool on my desktop that pulled real-time data from my character and the markets and showed HUGE amounts of info on my buy/sell orders, compared prices, etc.

I do not remember its name 

Does anyone know if a modern equivalent or the one I am…

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Difference of equity market am derivative market.

A stock market or equity market is a public market for the trading of company securities listed on a stock exchange. An equity investment generally refers to the buying and holding or trading of shares to gain income from daily price movements, dividends and capital gains, as the value of the stock moves. Participants in the stock market range from small individual stock investors to large institutions and mutual funds, which can be based anywhere. The tenure of investors/traders varies from…


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Why Loss-making Companies Have The Greatest Profit Potential

This may sound like a bizarre statement but you only need to look at the recent Snap IPO to see that there can be significant demand for loss-making companies. At this moment in time nobody really knows when SnapChat will move into profit (if ever) but with large revenues, a growing customer base and potential for the future, the sky really is the limit. Well, in reality nobody really knows how far the company can go therefore any statements or projections can be supported to some…


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Investment Markets Will Adapt To Any Situation

If you look back over the last hundred years we have seen some extreme highs and lows in the worldwide economy and worldwide stock markets. Over the last decade we have seen historically low interest rates, difficult economic growth and the banking crisis which brought the worldwide economy to its knees. While things are certainly improving in areas such as the US, how do markets adapt to new environments? 

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Creating Particles PP Rotation Expression

I'm trying to create a simple balloon animation. I've created several 3D balloons and have assigned the balloons to particles using the instance geometry replacement method. I'm also using particle colliders to give the balloons a degree of randomness as they enter the shot. To add further randomness I've also added a dynamic field to give some indication of a breeze in the air.

At the minute the rotation of the balloons is completely wrong. The particles…


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Become a member of the CGSociety

I want to animate a robot fight and have the robots get damaged throughout the fight and I plan to do this by key framing different textures with scratches that will give some effect but I also want to animate a robot losing its arm but I'm sure about how to do this. I know the robots have to be rigged but would I have to rig the arm separately from the rest of the model? I also want to have parts of the armor fall off the robots but still not sure about how to do that either. Could I get…


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Results of the 2012 Cambiar Capital Funding Index

Generally speaking, 2012 was not a stellar year for private equity and venture capital investment. In our neck of the woods, however, in the market research, information and analytics industry, it was not just a stellar year, it was a galactic one.

Over US $1.7 billion was invested in our industry in 2012, according to the second annual Cambiar Capital Funding Index. That represents a massive 141% increase over 2011. And it was not just the amount of money invested that more than…


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Who Is Leading Insight Industry Transformation?

Did it deliver?

ARF CRO Don Gloeckler kicked it off citing lack of progress with Research transformation (or is it that ARF hasn’t been paying attention?). Don believes that too much energy has gone into developing proprietary solutions rather than collaborating and inventing together. He wants competition to be on application. Don cited as a glowing example the Apollo single source project, which collapsed in 2008. There was little evidence of support for his position from the…


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Corporate Insights Leaders Share Most Pressing Needs

The Market Research Council (MRC) was chartered in 1927 to promote the field of market research. MRC members are senior research executives, and MRC meets monthly to host presentations and discussions with research leaders. Monica Wood (J&J Diabetes Care) recently moderated a terrific panel discussion with three corporate research leaders –Jack Lee of Estee Lauder; Jim Nyce of Sun Products (formerly head of insights for Kraft); and Trish Rainone of Chase. What were the key…


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Bad Sales Leaderboard Practices to Avoid at All Costs

I often hear sales gurus say that using leaderboards to chart salespeople works like magic. According to these gurus, leaderboards are the best way to inject a competitive spirit into an sales team and send numbers skyrocketing. But is it true that this simple game mechanic really results in exceptional sales performance?

Yes -- but only if they're used correctly. While salespeople thrive on competition, leaderboards can be a double-edged sword. Here are five sales leaderboard mistakes…


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Essential Metrics to Track in Your CRM System

According to HubSpot’s 2015-2016 State of Inbound Sales report, 76% of sales teams use a CRM software. This shouldn’t be a surprise. A CRM system makes it easier for sales leaders to assess team performance, and easier for reps to record information about their prospects. Manipulated correctly, the data stored in a CRM system provides insight into a multitude of operational and performance challenges.

So why do only 33% of salespeople make quota? Shouldn’t sales leaders have all the…


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Ways to Supercharge Sales with Predictive Lead Scoring

Even if you’re not the “early adopter” type, you’ve probably heard about the rise of predictive analytics for sales. Perhaps your marketing team has tried out HubSpot’s new predictive lead scoring capabilities and is recognizing the value this kind of data-driven insight can bring. If you’re wondering whether predictive intelligence could make your sales team’s job easier as well, the answer is a resounding yes.

Predictive technology has matured rapidly, and there’s now a whole community…


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Serious Spamming Issue

Dear members,

Google has detected serious user-generated spam on our site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles.

Time and time again, it has come to our attention that…


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User-generated spam

Dear members,

Google has detected user-generated spam on our site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles.

Time and time again, it has come to our attention that there have been a lot of excessive online marketing and spamming activities done on the site. We…


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Apply appropriate profile name and photo

Please take note that through our observation we have noticed that some members  have been using inappropriate profile names and photos.Therefore we would like to remind these members to please use proper human names and refrain from using business entity names or products labels. We would also like to advised members not to upload explicit photos, or contents and risked their account being suspended or even deleted. Please keep all contents at PG-13 level so that each and every member can…


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