4 Tips to travel abroad without a translator using Google Translate

Among tourist apps on Android, Google Translate will be your savage while visiting a new country. Read the useful tips to travel abroad without a translator.
In these recent years, the number of people travelling abroad for vacations has become higher and higher. Visiting a new country is definitely exciting, but it’s also quite problematic, especially without a translator.
But don’t worry, we have a solution for you - Google Translate. Recognised as one of the most useful tourist apps on Android while being overseas, it has tons of fantastic features, which allow you to enjoy your trip
fully. In this post, we will introduce to you four tips to travel abroad without a translator using Google Translate (yes, we know that sounds contradictory). 
Besides this app, you can explore other Android apps at the link You don't need to find another Android app store after visitting this one
Tip 1: Translate offline
Of course, you cannot assure that you can connect to the internet anytime, anywhere throughout your trip. But it’s OK, and Google Translate can still work offline if you already downloaded the language packages
into your phone.
Currently, the language packages come with the Neural Machine Translation (or also called NMT), an automatic translate tool which transliterates the whole sentence instead of word-by-word translation.  
Tip 2: Mark the sentences/paragraphs to translate
When using the camera to translate the signs or the menu in a restaurant in another language, Google Translate will display the results directly on the screen. You can also choose a part of the paragraphs or a
sentence to translate. To do this, select Camera, and your screen will start to scan. Meanwhile, you will drag and mark your desired section, and click on the blue arrow symbol to have the result. 
Tip 3: Conversation Mode
You can use the Micro mode to interpret your conversation quickly and easily in your conversation with foreigners. When you’re in the Micro mode, as default, Google Translate will automatically listen to one
language of the listener or the speaker and interpret. When you click the red Micro button, the app will translate both languages at the same time so both the listener and the speaker can understand each other.   
Tip 4: Save phrases and vocabularies.
If you need to transliterate some phrases or vocabulary repeatedly, you can save them in the app to use next time. Click on the Star button next to the results and Google Translate will save them. To see the list of
saved phrases or vocabularies, select the “Saved” section on the bottom of the screen.
In closing,
How incredible Google Translate is! It’s useful, free, and practical. If you have a chance to travel abroad, you definitely have to try it once! It’s one of the greatest tourist apps on Android nowadays!
Thank you for reading our post! We hope that you can apply these tips during your vacation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section below! We will reply to them as soon as

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