9 Major Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the most favorite options for most of the webmasters who are online for a good reason. Moreover WordPress is actually a powerful publishing platform that is preferred by most people because it offers a publishing experience which is pleasant, appealing, and easy. It is most often used as a blog publishing application which is powered by MySQL and PHP. In fact, it is the most popular Content Management System today with its robust features and ever-growing community, make it the first choice among many users.

Here are the 9 major benefits of managed WordPress hosting:

1) Site Speed

One of the notable thing for many WordPress users is the speed at which the websites or blogs load. Site loading times have a direct correlation with the rate of conversions of new visitors, with statistics indicating that slow websites lose out on clients who would have bought their products or services if the site was faster. Managed WordPress hosting usually has fewer sites allowing sites to load very fast. The speed of a website is important because it directly influences the search engine rankings and also the customer satisfaction and retention.

2) Automatic updates

Using Wordpress hosting platform for a website it gives the users an automatic updates client installations whenever there is a new version of the software. This means users don't need to update their WordPress core and its themes and plugins, as these are done automatically on the platform

3) Superior Technical Support

Today if you are using Managed WordPress hosting from HostingRaja who is also one of the top hosting providers in India then they ensure that their clients will get the superior round the clock technical support and they will also ensure that their issues are resolved faster. Since the technical team focuses on managed WordPress hosting alone, it is possible to benefit from the wealth of knowledge to run a great web solution.

4) Good Uptime

Managed WordPress hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime with no unscheduled downtimes. The flexibility in scaling allows users to benefit from unlimited storage space even when the storage resources run low at peak times.

5) Time Saving

In wordpress hosting the deployment time is very less and the drastic departure from set up times as high as a couple of days. Thus it allows project teams to spend a short time in their development and setup of web based projects and systems. The hosting provider takes care of the physical infrastructure, and any required compatible software solutions so that the user can just plug and play. Cloud based solution providers also handle on demand pre-installed themes or plugins.

6) Superb security

Managed WordPress hosting services are secure, because the platform is maintained by professionals with an intricate understanding of creating and managing the firewalls on the platform and more. Managed WordPress hosting provides a robust service that prevents the website from coming under the attack of malware, allowing the site to operate continually so that it is always accessible to users.

Web platform that are easily infected with malware also affect client machines, spreading the malware when users visit. As a result of the malware, sites are also soon affected in their ranking because crawlers also detect the virus and either lower the web rankings or delist the website.

7) Scalability

Today if you are having a website where you get more traffic to your website then there is also chances that your website will load slow where in which it will create a bad impression your website by your customers. Whereas if you are using WordPress hosting on cloud based solution then you can easily scale up and down of your resources. And thus you can be peaceful even if there is more traffic to your website.

8) Reduced overheads

Managed WordPress services are paid for based on use preventing the tying up of resources in unused serves, data storage and networking hardware devices. Additionally, IT staff can be reassigned to other roles leading to lower costs. Managed WordPress hosting will help  a business to handle large scale traffic. As a result it is used by many businesses who are looking to optimize their online presence over a large network of users online. Managed WordPress hosting allows businesses to outsource resource intensive tasks including performance management, server and network traffic monitoring and optimization.

For the best managed WordPress hosting solution for your website I would like to recommend you to go with HostingRaja. And HostingRaja is one of the top hosting provider in India who also has years of experience in the hosting field. With their managed word you no need to worry about your website because their support team will take care of your website and hosting related issues and thus help you to focus on your core business. They even provide server uptime of 99.9% with their WordPress hosting solution.

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