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Plumbing services Calgary


Welcome to Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc! Get the best plumbing services in Calgary. We offer the 24-hour water heater repair and furnace repair services in Calgary.

24 hour plumber Calgary

Our general services include:

  • Roughen Plumbing: New Build, Renovation, Basement Development
  • Plumbing Services: Drainage Clogging, Water leak, faucet replacement, Sink replacement
  • Water Heater Services: Tankless Water Heater (Navien), Power Vent Hot Water Tank
  • (Single pipe and two pipes), Atmospheric or standard hot water tank and Indirect water heater
  • Hot tub and Jacuzzi
  • Sump Pump installation
  • Sump and Oil Trap
  • Commercial Kitchen grease trap
  • Garbage Grinder (Garburator)
  • Sub Soil installation all around the house.



Radiant floor heat

Second-floor joist heating

Baseboard Heating



Water heater repair Calgary

Water Treatment

Water Softener installation

Water Filtration (For whole house or for kitchen only by RO (Reverses Osmosis), and Carbon filter for whole house

Combo system: Water Softener and Water Filtration combine (North Star City Softener)


Furnace repair Calgary

At Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc, it provides furnace installation and furnace services in Greater Calgary area. We are direct dealer of Trane and Lennox as our main product.

Trane Furnace

Most Fire Departments, Insurance Companies, and all Furnace Manufacturers recommend you complete an Annual Service & Safety Inspection on your furnace. It’s important to know that Manufacturers are now requiring proof of regular Furnace Servicing to keep your warranty valid. Best Budget Boiler and Furnace Inc. For Furnace installation Calgary is recognized by Furnace Manufacturers for warranty processing. The Annual Furnace Servicing & Safety Inspections will also help keep your heating system in peak operating condition. As part of our 30 point test our Licensed Qualified Gas Technician will also check for any potentially dangerous Gas & Carbon Monoxide leaks in the home. With doing the annual service your  new furnace installation Calgary with Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc.



  1. Carbon monoxide (CO) test: Carbon monoxide is toxic but odorless, tasteless, and colorless. You cant feel it, see it or smell it. If more than 9 particles in millions found in a house, it is a sign of danger. 35 particles your family member will be in real danger to death. Our technician with monoxide detector give you a report what is the stand of your monoxide level. If any monoxide problem found in your house our technician fix it right away for you.
  2. Clocking: clocking means check your whole house for any gas leak. This will be done through your gas meter and double check with your appliances with an engineering calculation by our well trained technicians. Also double check it with gas leak detector.
  3. Dioxide carbon (CO2) test: your heating system should not produce more than 12 % dioxide carbon. The range is between 7% and 12%. Our technician provides you the report with having your heating system in approved level of dioxide carbon.
  4. For Furnace: Tune up your Furnace, double check your pressure of the furnace gas valve. The normally income pressure should have been 11 IN.WC. and outgoing pressure shall be 3.5 IN.WC. This will be done with a high tech digital barometer Clean the burners, flame rode sensor, and with high pressure pump and vacuum clean your whole system.
  5. For your Boiler: The water in your pipe should not stayed there more than one year, otherwise the water sediment start in the pipe and impacts in the efficiency of the boiler, also lessen the boiler efficiency life. Our Boiler specialist drain the old water of the system, bleed the air from the boiler and lets run the new Double check the pressure of the outgoing water to the house which shall be 20 PSIG, double check of stand of boiler feeding regulator which provide the 20 PSIG to the house piping system, double check the boiler gas valve income and outgoing pressure to the burner. The normally income pressure to the gas valve should have been 11 IN.WC., and outgoing pressure shall be 3.5 IN.WC with a high tech digital barometer.
  6. For Fireplace: Double check the stand of Thermopylae, double check the orifice and pilot. Measure the monoxide and dioxide carbon level, double check for any leaking around the pilot and the burner, clean up the fireplace and double check the stand of flame.
  7. Change the filter, if need it.
  8. Providing an engineering recommendation from BC Best Boiler and Furnace Inc for your heating system to keep your system in standard level to provide you appropriate heat, dangerous free form any the aldehyde (OHC2) and monoxide carbon (CO).


About Us

We are proud to let you know that we have been a Canadian company for 9 years now. We pride ourselves in providing quality Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling services for a great affordable price. Working within the greater Calgary area, we are a trusted company that many choose to use for their furnace repairs, hot water tank check ups, boiler installations and more. Ever since the beginning, Best Budget Boiler and Plumbing Inc. has only hired skilled technicians to insure quality (Red Seal plumber’s and Red Seal gas fitter’s). Recently we have been providing internships for people; but don’t worry at all as they are accompanied by a master technician.


Address :- 344 Queensland Rd SE,Calgary, AB T2J 3S6,Alberta,Canada

Phone :- 5874333335

Email :- bbbplumbinginc@gmail.com


Visit For More Information :- bbbplumbing.ca

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