East Tower - Takashi (East Tower Series Vol. 2) Key Serial Number

East Tower - Takashi (East Tower Series Vol. 2) Key Serial Number

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About This Game

East Tower is a romance mystery visual novel with romancable guys, which has a lot of comedy scenes.
We suggest you to play based on this order: Akio - Takashi - Kuon - Kurenai.
In East Tower - Takashi, you'll be partnered with the super positive guy, Takashi.


Sakuya Morita (name is changeable) was given a chance to try the latest virtual game attraction, East Tower. Within the game, players can transform into whatever they want to. Sakuya chose to transform into a man. She was excited at first, but then a sudden accident happened and she was trapped with four other men. Later, they decided to partner up and proceed to beat the game in pairs, hoping that it would be the way out.

Before Sakuya decided who she would pick, a pretty woman came and asked her to be her partner. Even though she appears to be a pretty woman, she should be a man in real life, since all the participants beside her are males. So why did he choose to be a woman? And so their adventure begins...


Takashi - Souta Higurashi
Takashi (child) - Jun Haruki
Pretty Lady (Yoshimi Yasuda) - misaki
Akio - Taichi Tanukida
Akio (Child) - Eruru Takeda
Kuon - Lerage
Redhead Man (Kurenai) - Sakato
Daiki Morita - Yuya Kakitsubata
Mysterious Boy - Mitsuki Touzaki


OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.roseverte.net/east/en/
FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/roseverte.games
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/rosevertegames 7ad7b8b382

Title: East Tower - Takashi (East Tower Series Vol. 2)
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
East Tower
Release Date: 27 Nov, 2012


I thought this second chapter was even better since it talks about MC\u2019s past and her thing with the boy who gave her such \u201ccomplex\u201d<\/span><\/span>. It was fun to play, and Takashi is really a sweet guy. Like I already said on my review of the first chapter, the art isn\u2019t so great but the story is interesting. It\u2019s no masterpiece, but totally worth reading!

8\/10. Can\u2019t wait to play the next chapter!. It's an East Tower game! :)
Not my first review about this awesome series by Roseverte - the complete edition of East Tower contains four different games. Takashi is the middle one in terms of cost, 6\u20ac.
They call these games "otome", which means basically that they are visual novels (or, more generally, games centered on a story and not on gameplay or action and such) directed to a female target, if that means something to you. In general, so, the player's a female character and has to interact with other male characters with everything that's supposed to happen or not xD
You can get many many hours of gameplay in these visual novels, and by the way I'd suggest to buy everything Roseverte pulls out.. even if often the prices are too high for sure. Like in the East Tower case, but it's another point since you can get them with coupons or on heavy sales like I did.
The story is the core of these games, which have also voice acting and awesome artwork, in my view. And the music, too, is enjoyable and different for every stage, so much work has been put in these departments. Oh, I forgot to say that this one is not only the second title for the price but also the second title of the series you're supposed to play, as the developers themselves told us too.
There are many routes and many decisions to take, lots of dialogues, and great characterization for every single person you'll encounter which isn't something you get too often.
I can definitely by the way agree with all the players who recommended not to play the four East Tower games separately, but as a whole.. it's something like 20+ hours for sure, and it's the most complete experience.. but only if you're into this genre and into this particular romance.
The plot revolves around the Dreamworld and you - a woman, as we were saying - will be traveling through this tower, which is - you'll see why xD - reserved for men, and she'll see herself finally as a man, but with four different other "subjects" - which compose the different routes you'll be able to follow, and they're pretty long!
The story as you can imagine looks quite complex and deep, with all the peculiarities that such a fantasy novel can undergo - every character will have his own personality, definitely well-made, and you'll partner with all of them, one per route, through many chapters in which your choices will matter a lot for what concerns not only bad endings but a score, which will vary from S to A for every single stage and of course will determine your final ending.
As I was saying, the whole East Tower series has lots of positive points for what concerns - story apart - music, backgrounds, artworks and soundtracks in general, which is to me a great thing since it means that the game has been tested, well-developed and everything was published only when it was ready and complete, which is a weakness for many visual novels that have repetitive soundtracks, bad or recurring\/not changing artworks, and of course also many plot holes or simply "negative" points in that field.
This entry definitely manages to deliver an awesome visual novel, with fantasy hints, enjoyable for anyone in my view; it'll require some hours to explore every possible route, choice and ending!
You'll find also here an exhaustive gallery section in which you'll see every artwork featured in the game, and that's always a plus considering the fact also that the previous title, East Tower Akio, had less features (but the other two instalments are even bigger).
I'd definitely suggest both this game and the whole series, if played in its own order (East Tower Akio, Takashi, Kuon and Kurenai) it can deliver its full potential and if you're into visual novels, you definitely don't want to lose the chance to play these awesome titles from Roseverte.
The story is definitely amazing with many points that make you think and many twists (and challenges), and if taken from the beginning to the end it deserves all its hours; paired with great artwork and music, this makes these four entries with this one completely included one of the best visual novels here on Steam, just be sure to put them into your wishlist and buy when they're on sale since at their full price it's still too high in my view.
Have fun :). I loved East Tower -Takashi. Taka needs more love, I feel like he has the least game time.
These "Tower" games were my first roseVeRte games and inspired me to buy more.
Great game series.. I first gave this game a thumbs down because I felt forced to play it in German and I really disliked the translation, even though the shop page stated it was playable in English.

The developer was so friendly to explain to me how to change the language, which not only shows they still care about their game (it's an older on after all), but also their concern about their customers.

Aside from the translation problem I would have recommended East Tower from the beginning, because I enjoyed the story in general. It is lighthearted but has some depth, which builds up further the deeper you get into the whole story (of the complete East Tower series). The voice acting was pretty decent, and while I know not all ppl are fond of the artwork, I think it's not so bad. I got used to it and found it similar to Captain Tsubasa (which was successful in it's time). The characters are interesting enough, so no one should despise them for their looks, right?. Entertaining. This review covers all 4 of the East Tower games in one. Simply put, the game isn't very good. The art has occasional good moments but most of it is pretty bad. The story is set up in such a way that it could lend itself to an interesting discussion of gender identity and digital sexuality but it instead chooses to do clich\u00e9 "oops, I tripped and grabbed your boob" moments. There are dialog options but the game is still very linear; you either die instantly, find a solution, or pick a solution that gives you a bit of extra dialog.

I would not recommend any of these games except for Kurenai (which was admittedly pretty good). However, there are parts of the Kurenai story that won't make any sense without playing at least a bit of the other ones.

The game is also way too expensive. I bought them all as a set with 40% off ($18 total) and I feel ripped-off. There are much better VNs available for much less. Takashi, Kuon, and Akio were each only about 1.5 hours of play time, which is not a great value.

Finally, every time you finish a section (and there are at least 7 sections per game) the game tries to get you to post to social media. That really p***** me off. It takes me out of the moment to try to get me to advertise for a game that I paid for. Dear game devs, please don't do that!. Extremely fun game with gender confused knuckleheaded romance that will make you roll on the floor with laughter.. So... This edition of the East Tower saga features a boy named Takashi who idolizes his sister... so in the "dream world" he takes her form. How... nice. You again play Sakuya (you can rename her), a young woman who... does not want to act girly. As such, when offered the chance to be a test subject for her cousin's new attraction for women, she manages to convince him to let her try the other attraction... the one geared towards men. In the first few moments, she finds herself trapped with one of the four other participants. Oh, and since she can choose her avatar, she chose to partake as a male. Oh, and Takashi... might have had something to do with her dislike of acting girly...

There are three endings. The bad ending is unlocked if you make a wrong choice. The neutral\/friendship ending depends on you choosing the lesser of two choices at the end of a stage. And the good\/love ending is the better of those two choices. Oh, and choosing that better one also unlocks a small additional scene for the story (and accompanying CGs).

The game is beautiful, at least for the time. Made not long after the Akio volume, it still has some rough spots.

Also, my suggestion would be to buy the East Tower Complete Edition. Especially as the last volume is almost three quarters of the price of the bundle.... Incredibly limited both as a novel and as a game. Your choices pretty much amount to a million ways to get a 'bad ending' which ends the game immediately, a very limited 'ok ending' routes (which don't lead to love) and a decidedly subpar single-track route to 'love'.

While the opening seemed promising, it rapidly went downhill, turning what could have been interesting conflict and examination of gender fluidity and self-identification into yet another 'tomboy until she gets the boy' type of story. Bought it on sale and I regret spending the money all the same.

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