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About This Game

gravilon is an inventive, thought-provoking puzzle platformer.

Use powerups in each environment, and your own inherent gravity-bending powers, to complete each level.

The levels and game mechanics are designed to encourage exploration and to allow for creative pathfinding — there is no one correct path for most levels, there is only (arguably) the fastest, most efficient route.

gravilon's story unfolds in the background. The level design builds on itself so that the more you play, the more you will learn about your role in the world. b4d347fde0

Title: gravilon
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2015


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There is barely any strategy in this, as you count on your luck so that the cube will roll towards the desired point. Also, the menu is extremelly simplistic and random placed to the point that it takes a little while to understand the controls.. Gravilon is... not great.

I'm a very big fan of minimalistic puzzle games (e.g. Hook, Hexcells, Zenge), because they provide me with some activity to do when I want to relax and perhaps when I'm doing something else.
Sadly, this game does not deliver on this.

- The main menu looks like a mess.

- The mechanics are not explained at all.

- There seems to be a bit of an inconsistency in the way to solve puzzles.

- The game becomes extremely repetitive really quickly.

- The main idea seems very simple and not intriguing.

Overall, I would recommend you stay away from this game, since it's not the money, but the time that will feel like a waste.

3\/10, simply because it feels wrong to give a game a 1 if you haven't played it more than an hour.. bought this with a coupon but it has the worst introduction and explanation of controls i‘ve ever seen. This might have been an interesting game 30 years ago. As it is, it's a game of push the coloured pixel along the lines, through the smaller pixels, to the bigger blue pixel.
Simple graphics or mechanics wouldn't be a problem if the level design was in anyway comprehensible. I could even get past the big messy frustrating levels if the mechanics didn't break randomly - if you fall far enough, sometimes you'll just pass straight through the platform you're aiming for, and get stuck in the terrain.

Too much frustrating, too little fun.. It's really boring...
It would be an ok mobile game I guess but the mechanics are so simple, I quicky lost interest. Plus the learning curve is really bad as the game becomes near impossible really quicky.
. While i recommend this game keep in mind it's not for everyone

Atm i'm writting this review i completed the Act 1 of this game and it's actually one of those games, where it's not for everyone it's not a very relaxing game at times, it's not really pretty to look at either, but it is suprisingly satisfying to complete each level, and the game doesn't start out easy on you either, and the controls although clunky(you are controlling a square after all) add to the challenge.

The most interesting part about the levels is that the more you go into the later stages the more paths it seems to have and some of them seem to be there simply to fool the player they look like they take you somewhere but they are only there to distract you, and that's where the challenge comes in, you have to figure out how to reach the exit and there seems to be quite a few paths to go about it which despite being levels in a fairly small scale it has the tiny sense of discovery of going "ha!".

I find it oddly satisfying to play but keep in mind it's not a great game, it's not a bad game either, it is very niche for those looking for unique challenge, i don't think there's anything quite like this.

Almost forgot to mention the sound design is amazing.

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