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Original Title: Harper

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller








































Lew Harper, a cool private investigator, is hired by a wealthy California matron to locate her kidnapped husband.
Lew Harper is a Los Angeles based private investigator whose marriage to Susan Harper, who he still loves, is ending in imminent divorce since she can't stand being second fiddle to his work, which is always taking him away at the most inopportune of times. His latest client is tough talking and physically disabled Elaine Sampson, who wants him to find her wealthy husband, Ralph Sampson, missing now for twenty-four hours, ever since he disappeared at Van Nuys Airport after having just arrived from Vegas. No one seems to like Ralph, Elaine included. She believes he is cavorting with some woman, which to her would be more a fact than a problem. Harper got the case on the recommendation of the Sampsons' lawyer and Harper's personal friend, milquetoast Albert Graves, who is unrequitedly in love with Sampson's seductive daughter, Miranda Sampson. Miranda, who Harper later states throws herself at anything "pretty in pants", also has a decidedly cold relationship with her stepmother, Elaine. As Harper begins his investigation, he is often joined by one or two new sidekicks, Miranda, and/or Allan Taggert, Sampson's private pilot who was the last person to see him before his disappearance. Living on the Sampson estate, Allan is also Miranda's casual boyfriend who Harper coins "Beauty" because of his preppy good looks. They discover that Sampson has indeed been kidnapped as they receive a ransom note. As Harper follows leads, he ends up in the underbelly of Los Angeles society, which includes encounters with Betty Fraley, a junkie lounge singer, Fay Estabrook, an ex-movie ingénue now overweight alcoholic, and Claude, a religious cult leader. At each of Harper's stops, people seem to want to beat him up or worse kill him. The case takes a slight turn after they decide to pay the $500,000 ransom to see where it leads.
Harper (1966)

A Paul Newman vehicle, in a way, based on a million earlier detective dramas. It even has a kind of set up in the first half hour that's a lot like Humphrey Bogart in "The Big Sleep" exactly 20 years earlier, and both starring Lauren Bacall (in obviously different roles). So Newman plays Harper, who is paid to track down a missing husband, and who ends up in a convoluted world of double crossing and surprise bad guys.

On some level it's enough to watch Newman act because he's a decent 1960s kind of gumshoe. But it takes awhile to get the plot going, and then awhile to figure out what's going on. The second half has more structure and energy, and by the end it all feels pretty decent. I actually liked a lot the last five minutes in the car, which brings out the personalities of the two and goes outside the box a bit.

I've never read the Ross MacDonald book this movie is based on, "The Moving Target," but I've read others years ago and never quite liked them, so maybe the basis here lacks something compared, say, to the classic detective novels of the 1930s by Chandler and others. There is also that mid-1960s Hollywood style at work, with a little manufactured indifference built in, and overly slick.

Don't expect much from the other big star, Janet Leigh, who plays the angry wife, then the doubtful wife, then the hopeful wife in a series of clichéd performances. And Pamela Tiffin plays the supposedly sexy daughter in a bikini and her performance is almost as embarrassing as the stereotype she's meant to play—and she's a kind of girl who is dated and awkward to our eyes. But then, Arthur Hill is a nice surprise playing the easygoing lawyer. He ends up anchoring several important scenes.

Connie Hall does the cinematography here in just his third feature movie, and you can almost feel him trapped by the conventions (and by little known television director Jack Smight). Late in the decade he would film "In Cold Blood" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" on his way to a stellar New Hollywood career.

Which brings us back to Newman, who gets beat up and knocked out a lot, and who is interesting all along. The only thing that I find amazing with Harper is why Paul Newman never had done a detective part up till 1966. His laconic screen persona always seemed so right for the role of private gumshoe.

Lauren Bacall hires Newman through the offices of mutual friend, lawyer Arthur Hill, to locate her missing husband. It seems as though disembarked his private aircraft from the airport and vanished. The last to see him alive was Robert Wagner who was his personal pilot.

The call to Newman was premature as the story develops from a Missing Person to a Kidnapping case. Newman really wades through the muck on this one as he interviews a range of persons of interest, one sleazier than the next. And both the widow who hired him and the missing husband turn out to be pretty sleazy themselves.

Paul Newman was really born to play Harper. As much as I liked this one, his second go around as Harper in The Drowning Pool was even better. But that's a review for that film.

Of the supporting cast I particularly liked Julie Harris as the junkie jazz singer and Strother Martin as leader of a wacko religious cult that has some criminal interests.

By the way, the ending is left very much up in the air in terms of what knowledge Newman will divulge to the authorities. Beyond that I won't say.

So if you're curious, see this film, you will enjoy same. Some excellent directorial touches and solid thesping are evident in the colorful and plush production. Abundance of comedy and sometimes extraneous emphasis on cameo characters make for a relaxed pace and imbalanced concept, resulting in overlength and telegraphing of climax.


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