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What the world watches

Patek Philippe (Patek PhilippePP)

Vacheron Constantin (Vaucheron ConstaintVC)

IWC (International Watch CompanyIWC)

Rolex (Rolex)

Earl (PiagetPG)

Cartier (Cartier)

First, of course, Patek Philippe, the English abbreviation is PP. Unsurprisingly recognized as the best brand in the world, known as watch the blue blood aristocracy. PP is not a complex movement or gorgeous appearance known, even in its men's table inlaid shell rarely any diamonds or precious stones, but it is always self-movement, limited production, born with one kind of restrained elegance of noble . Therefore, PP is not money can wear those wearing a glistening yellow gold rings and gold necklaces, frequented saunas and karaoke OK landed gentry do not deserve PP. Wearer should have a certain temperament and demeanor, elegant style of conversation, with aristocratic successful people can wear. PP on with oversized rings, bracelets and necklaces and other jewelry with the immunity, the PP put together these stuff and always incongruous, so should be avoided when wearing PP then wear these tacky things. PP in the price of 100,000 yuan or more, as the entry-level 3919 they have around 110,000 second, Vacheron Constantin, VC. It is nice movement and shell craft extremely well, and has always limited production, especially in the VC Malte section of the hollow form, is simply a work of art!

Third, Audemars Piguet, AP. Has always been a high profile appearance, the most classic style is the Royal Oak (Royal Oak), characterized by regular octagonal case, eight corners were eight decorative screws, it is very rough, very masculine atmosphere. AP's higher price, generally only in Hendry or King's jewelry on sale, Royal Oak There is a stainless steel men's watch price 78,000 yuan; its wholly 18K gold diamond dial plus the price of 45 million yuan . Of course, there Replica Burberry Watches are more rules, told AP it is the classic of classics, even the world's most famous action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is AP's most loyal fans, who in his film Terminator 3 wearing the custom in the AP's new watch fourth, JLC. JLC to purely mechanical movement manufacturers known to the world, and even other well-known brands are also used its movement. JLC 101 movement is the world's smallest pure mechanical movement, the women come out with it and even jewelry watch was once Britain's Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in his celebration of wear fifth, Breguet, BG. Known as table king, mainly because of its founder Louis Breguet President has too much on watch first invented, such as Genesis of the tourbillon (Tourbillon) and 'Breguet hands and so on. All models are over with 18K gold precious metal shell, crocodile leather strap based, and usually silvered dial, very beautiful. Just a little bit of regret, is a bit conservative style shape, mostly circular dial, the lack of change. But in any case are world-class watches!

Sixth, Blancpain (Blancpain), abbreviation JB. Blancpain is the oldest extant, the oldest watch brand, built in 1735. And now watch for sales and marketing in the design and manufacture of other treasure Porter style 1735 to the price of 6.36 million yuan proudly when the world, this table was very poor wisdom watchmakers, allegedly only when the world 3-5 Masters can create a similar complex functions of the watch, to buy it in addition to the super-rich family property, the book had to be made at least three years before they can, that is not generally the tycoons can buy the first seven, IWC, IWC eighth, Burberry Watches Rolex. Many upstarts like it very much. In fact, a watch for the cognitive and social strata are not welcome its own wrong way. However, if the quality and durable and reliable movement, Rolex is undoubtedly the best, can simply leave things as pass on children and grandchildren. Although almost never Rolex watch manufacturing complex functions, but it's durable, accurate travel time is out of the name, and has been the darling of second-hand watch market, excellent store of value ninth, Earl. If the price alone, the count is definitely top 3, but I do not see the reason for it is because of its high price mainly by the use of a large number of diamonds and precious stones, as well as operation of the market (also better known as speculation) caused. Earl they are not good at doing the movement, usually other family movement, but in the case design and selected materials is particularly hard, Scotia capital tenth, Replica Swarovski Watches Cartier. 10 years ago the only non-Swiss brand, although created by the French, but the plant is in Switzerland, and top with Swiss movement. The cheapest is the tank (Tank) stainless steel models, around $ 30,000; expensive hundreds of thousands of dollars. [/ Color]

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