Multiple positions and substitutions:

1. At the start of each player career you should be able to select a primary, secondary and tertiary playing position or rather a style of play that expands from the ability to play in multiple positions (jack of all trades) to limited positions (a specialist). These player styles should be like the chemistry styles in Ultimate Team.
2. Players can start the match as a sub in which they will watch the match from the sideline however time will go much faster until they are substituted on.

Youth Team/Additional leagues:
Players should play in reserve team before making their way up to the big leagues and making their professional debut with Fifa 16 coins ps4. Under 18s BPL should also be added as well as the Conference League to enhance the experience. Players can chose to start as a prodigy from the youth up to sporadic first team player, allowing them to earn their time on the pitch.


Captaincy should be a little easier to get for example after two seasons at a club or outstanding performances, you will be offered the captains armband now and again until it becomes a regular thing.


There should also be the ability to train and gain new positions, traits and abilities as a footballer would in real life. This may be at a cost of their ability to play in other positions decreasing, however it will add to the depth of the game, making it more realistic.

Reasons for transfer requests, transfers and deadline day:

Players that hand in a transfer request should be given a list of reasons as to why they want to leave, making it more realistic because even after winning player of the season and having a good career at the club, news reports will still say the player has decided to leave after a "difficult time".
This can be shown in cut scenes of the player, their agent and the manager having a meeting (agents should also be available in player career).

Also it is very unrealistic for Aguero to leave Man City immediately and Cavani to join Arsenal straight away. If we could please have the option before starting a career to use preset transfer targets for teams or if the transfer targets were updated based on the news feed in the games hub. Transfer targets could be updated the same way player transfers are updated.

Deadline day was good this year but it still needs a little something. Firstly it should be based around the Sky Sports deadline day showing the totaliser and cut scenes etc. Then instead of showing the total spent on the last day it should show the total for the whole transfer window. Finally we need new headlines like "Time is running out for clubs to do business" or "(Player) is flying have his medical as we speak". Then show the countdown of the time remaining down to the minute.

Realistic goalscoring stats and post season awards:

The top scorer in any league has a maximum of 16-20 goals per league campaign, meaning if your pro scores 20+ goals, he will have left the other players behind very quickly and unrealistically.

There should also be awards at the end of the season and cut scenes where the players are presented. For example the golden boot, player of the year and young player of the year (for each league), team of the year (layout showed like in Ultimate Team), Manager of the year etc.

Managerial changes and Create-a-manager:

All or most managers not meeting season objectives should have a meeting with the board in which based on whether they have lost the dressing room, relationships with players/staff and morale of team and fans is low, they can be sacked or beg for more time.

Changes in staff may cause players to become in/out of favour, leading to transfers because of lack of playing time (similar to the way other players become unsettled due to new arrivals in the squad).

Managers should be created in manager career the same way a player is created in player career and should have a optional style. This will all be seen in cut scenes and when the manager is showed on the touchline giving instructions. There should also be a more elaborate grasp of a player/managers rise through the world of football from an amateur to a legend

New interface:

The interface should be Sky Sports based in the career mode, with all the breaking news and team news up to date. Commentators should be updated and in time. TV coverage of the respective competition should be like in real life.
i.e. Sky Sports 1 for English Leagues, Sky Sports 5 for Europe, Sky Sports News for news, ITV and Sky Sports for Champions league, BT Sport and ESPN for Europe, ITV and BBC for English domestic cups and international football.

End of season:

Title processions need an upgrade. The colour of ribbons on the title should change based on the team, as well as the confetti and podium. Podium should have the date of the season and the club badge and competition. CONFETTI SHOULD SETTLE ON THE GROUND!!! (and not disappear into thin air.) If possible when a team is promoted fans can run onto the pitch. Also when the trophy is lifted by the captain, after it should show the trophy being passed around and other people lifting it.

Online Career Mode and Offline co-op career mode:

Online career mode that can be played with your friends. One person will create the season and others are invited to join, each picking a team as they fight for the top spot or to avoid relegation (maximum 8 people).

Then an offline co-op career mode where there are two created players (possibly related like the Neville or dos Santos brothers) that play for the same team. When one player is transferred the other goes along as well (like clubs) and both can play for the same or different international teams. This would be really exciting as I've wanted to see it for a long while now.

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