Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises and the Elusive, Unattainable 10 Inch Penis

The evasive, unattainable 10 inch penis appears to be something that so lots of men desire to have, but so little can actually achieve or be born with such a powerful tool. In today's modern society, it's considered quite an imperial tool to have such a massive sized penis. But what is not known is the fact that, although you may are say, 7 inches in length right now, that this elusive 10 inch penis might actually be possible to attain. But how in this world is a man with a 7 inch penis ever to achieve a 10 in . penis you could be wondering?

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Nicely in my experience and own results (I'm presently at 9. 5 ins and still growing), I've found natural penis enlargement exercises as the only thing that works for successful male organ enlargement. But what exactly are natural penis augmentation exercises, 5 Inch Penis you may well be wondering? Well essentially, these penis stretching exercises are created to literally stretch the penis longer and coincidentally, your penis will also become significantly thicker when you perform these exercises. I started at 7. 5 inches, typically over an inch over the typical, "average" male, to reach this point in my male enhancement endeavors is quite a feat indeed.

Some facts about the elusive 10 inch penile:

The 10 inch male organ is an anomaly that is seen all round the web. When in fact it's a subject that is rarely seen in actuality to what it is. I mean, surely you will come across endless porn sites online claiming to have men with 10, 11, 12, or some even claiming 15 inch penises on their websites. But what is well known is that these numbers are rarely ever *actually*' seen online. In fact, almost all of these socalled 'huge' men, don't even deliver anything near to the incredibly elusive 10 inch penis! Why is this you think? I'll tell you why, it is because there are less than 1% of all human males that own this size of penile.

And seeing as how rare this is in the porn industry, I have been able to account for merely a few of men that actually have a true, definite 10" inch or more. And those men are the favorite "Mandingo" and "John Holmes". There's even a porn star aptly called Mr. 18" that I actually would consider that's at least 10 inches and above. The best way to judge if a fellow truly has a 10" male organ is to look at these porn stars and then you could truly get and understanding for how big 10 inches actually is.

For instance, John Sherlock holmes was "estimated" to be at 13 inches. But this is far from the truth! He was actually only around 10 inches maximum. Probably among the best ways to determine what ten inches actually is is to use a mp3 measure and then take the 10 inch portion and then compare it to your own penile size. You will be stunned how much further you have to go to get to that size in fact.


I started my natural penis enlargement exercises at the age of nineteen. I was just seeking a few things out and decidedly after attempting pretty much everything I could get my fingers on I've decided that natural penis enlargement exercises were the best way to go about for the successful enlargement of my own penis. I actually mean, I've tried it all, from penis pumping, which only damaged my penis shaft beyond idea, to those silly penis enlargement pills that simply tend not to work! I had desired eventually that there was some 'penis enlargement guru' that would show me the in's and out's of how to grow my penis naturally, with no devices or rip off products or services that has been just sneaky snake oil sales people in the long run.

The worst experience We had was in school when I was so enthusiastic about getting a much larger penis that I was using the pump almost every night for an entire month. I imply, at first the pump benefits seemed great. My penile had much more girth and the women loved that thickness. But eventually, around my third week into it, I had to quite and if not i then would face the damaging effects that this pump was really leading to my penis. My doctor had told me that when We didn't quite i could eventually damage my penis to the point where I could stay away from or maintain an erection any more. This was quite frightening news. I mean, the last thing that any man wants is to get rid of his erection staying power.

And so i decided then and there to just stay to penis jelqing exercises. And by penis jelqing exercises, I am mentioning to natural penis enlargement exercises. This is exactly why I believe in order to reach the elusive 10 inch penis, I would have to stick with the natural penis enlargement exercises.

And so far, at over 2 inches in progress, I really don't see my target of ten inches to be that far off! When i have known of some men that has actually received more gain in penis growth than I have (I'm talking about gains of over 3. 5 in . here), what is known for certain, not only through my own experience and observations is that natural male enhancement exercises through penile works to some degree for pretty much all males regardless of era, ethnicity, and so forth I imply, you can just go and look at some penis enlargement forums online and you'll soon observe that there are literally thousands of men who have reached some levels of penis enlargement success thanks hugely in part to natural male organ enlargement exercises.

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