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Original Title: Revolution

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi













































Fifteen years after a permanent global blackout, a group of revolutionaries seeks to drive out an occupying force posing as the United States Government.
What would you do without it all? In this epic adventure, a family struggles to reunite in an American landscape void of electricity: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology -- computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights -- has mysteriously blacked out forever.
Now we have it.....the official NRA TV Series, and what a belter it is(n't). As a European, I've often viewed my Anglo/Irish heritage obsessed cousins across the pond with fascination. The kind of sickened but can't look away fascination that you feel when you see a nasty bar brawl, car accident or maimed child from some far flung conflict on TV news; and have been reassured because the pond is 3,000 miles wide. Apart from the obvious message that 'guns preserve freedom' (American domestic policy for 200 years, foreign policy for 60) there are other worrying aspects to all of this; The lack of invention to overcome current problems (you can make an electricity generator from an old washing machine engine and a water wheel, true!). The absolute cleanliness and perfection of the clothing worn by all - even after tramping through woodland for days on end. No one is ugly, ever, even the 'Google Nerd' despite a few extra pounds, is far from wallflower material. Despite an obviously generous production budget, the sets are way too contrived and props look so obviously 'placed' - one shot in mind is the pseudo wild west bar in Chicago when the camera pans left to right; a line of bottles on a low shelf IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR move across the foreground - all lined up and adding 'colour' - yet they're all empty and in a place that no self respecting bar owner would put them, why?! Because they are nice colours to have in the foreground and help the dumbest viewers realise that drinking may happen there, no other reason.


Thanks Uncle Sam, I feel so much safer. This show creates very mixed feelings. The underlying idea is intriguing and I think some people here are overanalysing the physics behind the show. I have to agree that the overly decayed buildings and clean clothes are somewhat irritating. The argument, that human beings would not be alive due to missing electrical impulses however can easily be explained by stating that the nanites which are absorbing the electricity work at a threshold which is not triggered by ultra low voltage nerve-impulses or let alone molecule bonds.

Most of the actors are actually not doing such a bad job either. For example Giancarlo Esposito and Elizabeth Mitchell are doing a very good job. I think the main mistake they made was giving the lead role in the beginning to Tracy Spiridakos. She does not yet have the aura or skill to "lead" a story such as this, which - because of its bold setting - needs excellent acting skills, much like Espositos or Mitchells. This is why the beginning was so unbearable, but it is my impression that later on they correct that mistake by shifting the focus away from her and reducing her on-screen-time drastically.

I think the main problem with this show is that its slow & painful beginning makes it hard to buy into the charm, which this story could hold, if properly executed. I wonder if they will be able to turn this around...
Guns do work. There's many scenes of characters using guns. However, the country the main characters live in, The Monroe Republic, has outlawed private firearms ownership. Most of the guns are in the possession of the authorities or criminals.

In addition, it's been commented by several characters that ammunition for modern, pre--Blackout, firearms is essentially impossible to manufacture* and thus rare. It's use is reserved mainly for important militia uses. Even rank and file militia members have resorted to using black powder weapons. A flashback scene in the first season fall finale shows fierce fighting in the early years of the blackout and General Monroe comments that they are running out of ammunition and will soon need to ration it.

*This of course doesn't explain how people in the pre-electricity era had copper jacketed bullets for use in their S&W six-shooters and Winchester rifles. Most local gun clubs have members that regularly make new ammo by refilling their spent cartridges and casting their own bullets. Not every technological ramification of the Blackout will be shown immediately, but we do see across the first season that some of these technologies do still exist. There's at least one working steam train in the Monroe Republic and bicycle are in use in some urban areas for transportation. Diesel is used to power electric engines, so just as gas powered engines do not work, neither does diesel engines.

There are some diesels that will start without glow plugs, but they are larger industrial engines. But, even so, getting such an engine started in cold weather would be very difficult as hand cranking would not be easy to accomplish. While obesity rates have increased in the modern era, and particularly among wealthier nations, obesity is by no means dependent on a modern consumer society. There have always been obese people and will always be obese people. The in story explanation is that whatever happened caused systems to fail over the course of several seconds. Some failed before others. Modern airplane controls are electronic so the rudder and flap control would have been lost along with the shutdown of the jet engines but there is no good explanation why every jet would enter a flat spin instead of just diving at high rates of speed. Pilots on one of their discussion forums claim it is hard to put an airliner into a flat spin so having all of them perform the maneuver would not have occured.

But not all modern aircraft would go into a dive. 737's would revert to manual reversion. If would make the aircraft very difficult to land but it could be done.

The real reason that the lighting was still on is that television is a visual medium and it's much more visually effective to allow the characters to look around and see the lights flickering out than it is to have them all just suddenly go out for no reason.

The cities were largely abandoned, soon after the electricity stopped. The Matheson family was shown walking away from their home, with what they could haul in a child's wagon. As they walked through the streets, they were nearly alone. Almost everyone has fled from the city.

All cities would become uninhabitable, soon after such a disaster. In the immediate aftermath, there would be widespread looting, and other violence. Then there would be shortages of food, medicine and other essentials. Within weeks, disease would spread throughout any areas of concentrated population. People would flee, to escape the violence and disease, and to seek food.

Well-built buildings can last a long time -- if they're occupied and maintained. Deserted buildings soon start to fall into disrepair, and then decay. In the second episode, we see buildings burning, and no fire departments to respond. The fire fighters have probably left -- and even if they were still there, their equipment no longer worked. It's apparent that looters have vandalized many buildings. Vandalized buildings decay rapidly.

We don't need to imagine what happens to unoccupied buildings, that have suffered from vandalism. Just search for photographs of the urban decay in Detroit, over the last couple of decades.US Governments created a nano technology that absorbs electricity. It was originally used to remove the power of a third world country as a way to quickly win a war, yet a problem occurred which resulted in a world-wide blackout.

There are several hundred trillions of these nano technology robots around the world It takes days to weeks to properly shut down a nuclear plant so that there is no meltdown of the core and years to decades to properly decommission a plant so what happened to them? Why no nuclear fallout?

It's possible they are still running or have been shut down carefully after 15 years.. The nanites that absorb electricity might be destroyed by the radiation of the fuel or there maybe a field around the plants similar to how the amulets work to shut off surrounding nanites giving the military time to shut down the plants.


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