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Original Title: Shaan

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Thriller





































DSP Shiv Kumar opposes the criminal activities of a gang headed by the invincible Shakaal who has a record of eliminating all his enemies. His penchant comes to light when Shiv Kumar is mercilessly kill on duty leaving two brothers Ravi and Vijay Kumar to avenge his death. Ravi and Vijay join forces with Rakesh; a sharp-shooter by profession and also a victim of Shakaal's austerities to even scores with Shakaal who's where-about is on a far-away island.
Two brothers go after the international mafia kingpin who murdered their cop brother. They are later joined by another man who wants revenge against the gangster.
This is my first review on IMDb after being almost a decade long patron of it. I had seen Shaan a lot of times on TV, since my childhood. But it was very recently that it was again coming on TV that I realized its true worth.

Coming to the film, its a very well made, long, big-budgeted, multi-starer, total blockbuster entertainment-action movie, though not being a typical bollywood one. Its a movie of international standards (of that time). It was directed by Ramesh Sippy after basking in the super-success of Sholay. So, like "John Hammond", he "spared no expense" :) Even some very short scenes were made with an eye for detail. Its sets were humongous and like bond flick, specially the don's den. Its direction is brilliant and Ramesh Sippy has really shown his great filmmaking skills, which only could have been done, with ample budget and no creative restrictions.

Even the music is somewhat different than typical bollywood movie. It creates right atmosphere and tension, well suited to thriller genre. Sometimes,even silence is very well used to add to tension. Specially,I found one slow-mo scene and to my amazement they used right background score for it. Also, all the songs are great, specially Jaanu meri jaan and Yamma yamma, which are really evergreen. Well, of course there were a lot loopholes in script, scenes, etc but was a daring film of 1980, trying to match up with Bond flicks, and it surely reached up a great level.

Few exceptional scenes were Sunil Dutt's capture, chase and death (best), Abdul's death and the final climax. After the super duper success of Sholay the Sippy's came up with this lavish James Bond type action flick. I really can't give the Sippy's enough credit for making Shaan so different to Sholay. Whilst Sholay was a mesh of different genres Shaan is more or less a straight forward action epic. You can see it's inspiration from the title sequence, which is reminiscent of the Bond movies. Even the villain Shakaal's lair is modelled on that of a Bond villain's. Amitabh Bachan,Shashi Kapoor and Shatrughan Sinha perform well whilst Sunil Dutt and Rakhee Gulzar provide fantastic support. Even Kulbushan Karbanda was extraordinary as the evil Shakaal. Shaan also benefits from having a good number of villain character actors, from what I remember there was Dilip Tahil, Sharat Saxena,Goga Kapoor,Sudhir,Mac Mohan and quite a few more. Kulbushan Karbanda had a tough job on his hands trying to match upto the tyrant Gabbar Singh but he delivers. Although half of that credit goes to writers Salim Javed for creating such a fantastic villain in the form of Shakaal Let me take this opportunity to mention an interesting fact, I had seen Kulbushan Karbanda in many movies as a child and had seen Shaan over 30 times yet failed to recognise him as Shakaal because I had never seen him bald. The songs by R.D. Burman were great, especially Pyar Karnewale and Yamma Yamma. Salim Javed had a tough job on their jobs trying to write a script to rival their previous movie Sholay but they delivered. The script was good but the action scenes were fabulous. Shaan is further proof that with Amitabh on board the Sippy's can create classics, even further proof was their next venture Satte Pe Satta.


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