telling his teammates they would be here again

According to sources was the Chris henry cause of death suicide On the same day just over two and half years ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended a couple of former college teammates for running afoul of the league's expectations for personal conduct. Both of them, former West Virginia players Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, served their punishment and were returned to the league. Only one was still playing in it this season: Henry. By every account, in the hours since we heard Henry was gravely injured Wednesday evening before dying Thursday morning, it sounded as if he had learned his lesson. Unlike Pacman, he'd stayed out of trouble. The only time Henry's name was appearing in the paper was in the Cincinnati Bengals' box score, not in the Cincinnati police department's arrest report. Henry was proving quietly to be the best kind of story there is in sports if not in any walk of life that of redemption. In fact, at the end of the day, what Henry was trying to do was really what makes sports so compelling, coming back from something from a strikeout, throwing an interception, missing a gamewinning freethrow, losing the big game, fending off careerthreatening injury, changing your persona in the eyes of your teammates and fans. To me, it wasn't that Henry was so young, just 26, that made his death so tragic. Young people from this country die every day in Afghanistan and Iraq. They die every day on city streets in our country and garner only a paragraph or two on the inside of whatever is left of our newspapers. If they die particularly violent deaths, they may make the front page and lead the evening news. To me, it wasn't that Henry could earn millions of dollars as a pro athlete and live in a fabulous house that some TV show might want to feature. Lives shouldn't be valued by one's earning power or bank account, although we do it all the time. Instead, what made Henry's demise so sad to me was that, in the end, he didn't escape the h*** he once found himself in to become a glowing example that a life can be turned around. I called Bengals' coach Marvin Lewis just a couple of months ago to ask him about what appeared to be Henry's quiet reversal of lifestyle. Lewis told me through team spokesman Jack Brennan that he preferred to leave well enough alone at that moment but added that he was very proud about how well Henry was behaving and performing. In early November, Henry broke his arm against the Baltimore Ravens. He was done for this season. Who knows whether he'd still be alive today had he not been on injured reserve and been at practice in Cincinnati on Wednesday? Instead, he was visiting Charlotte to see his fiance, Loleini Tonga. Police said they wound up in a spat that triggered the event, falling off the back of a pickup truck, which cost Henry his life. Just because he was in trouble before, doesn't mean he had what happened to him coming . That is as unfounded as it is disgusting. So Henry wound up being what he was struggling not to become, another statistic. That's what saddens and angers me all at once. He had a chance to make it, but he didn't. He became another black man between the age of 25 and 34 to succumb to what, for now, looks like unintentional injury, the secondleading cause of death for black men Henry's age. Homicide is the No. 1 cause of death for black men Henry's age and the Charlotte homicide unit is investigating the circumstances of his death. Chris Henry dead: Chris Henry details and Chris Henry cause of death still to come out in the open. The death of Bengals receiver Chris Henry is being condoled by his colleagues. His colleagues and even his opponents are still struggling to come to grips with Henry's death. Jeff Rowe, one former teammate, said: "It's (stinks), it's terrible." The 26yearold controversial player died after falling off the back of a pickup truck. And the cops who investigated this case claim that the accident was triggered by a domestic dispute with his with his fiance. Though aj green jersey he was hospitalized after the accident, he could not recover from his lifethreatening injuries. Earlier, Henry had battled offthefield issues. Also he was rebuked for his unprofessional attitude. But lately the player was trying to mend his ways. "He was working really hard to change his life," Rowe said. "That's probably the saddest part. He was such a great guy. Incredibly talented, his potential was unbelievable. I know everybody absolutely loved him. It just (stinks)." Another close friend of Henry, Shawn Springs, said: "We were struggling, but I think it brought us closer together as a team. Everybody started appreciating each other more. Although we play a sport, sometimes we take it for granted how lucky we are and how fortunate we are to be in the position we're in. So guys started saying 'I love you, man' and started appreciating each other more." Wide receiver Chris Henry became the 33rd deceased player in the 42year history of the Cincinnati Bengals franchise on Thursday. The names of the men you are about to read are too important to me to be shoved down the page and lost in cyberspace. I encourage all Bengals fans to share their favorite stories about these players in the comments portion of my blog. Note: Cause of death is listed where known. I would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their friendship, support and encouragement in helping me pursue my passion of finding, and staying in touch with, Bengals alumni players. 

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