The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones: Spring Break Adventure Full Movie Download In Hindi

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Original Title: The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones: Spring Break Adventure

Genge: Action,Adventure,History,War
































It's 1916, and Indiana Jones is living with his dad in Princeton, New Jersey. Spring break is fast approaching, and all Indy can think of is taking his girlfriend Nancy (daughter of cliffhanger author Edward Stratemeyer) to the prom in a slick new Bugati. The car's foreign engine is impossible to get parts for, but a favor from a professor working at Thomas Edison's laboratory raises his hopes. His plans are sidetracked when a mysterious break-in, the theft of an electric motor, and rumors of German spies result in a mystery that only Indy and Nancy can unravel. Indy and his father then head to the southwest to visit family in Albuquerque. With his mischievous cousin Frank, Indy heads to Columbus, New Mexico to sew some wild oats when the town is suddenly attacked by Pancho Villa and his riders. Playing hero, Indy follows the Villistas into the desert and is soon taken captive. As a 16-year old itching for a good fight, Indy is stirred by Villa's words, and joins his cause, riding with the Villistas as General Pershing chases them throughout the desert. Indy meets and befriends the Belgian expatriate Remy, witnesses the intensity of a young George S. Patton, and also finds a murderer who escaped the law eight years earlier in Cairo in this adventure that sets the teenage Indy on a path that will lead him to war-torn Europe.
As the first of the Flanery-led Young Indy telefilms -- inadvisably patched together from two episodes of the early 90s series -- this feature is just mind-numbing in its choppiness.

A bit of history is in order: the second half of this telefilm, taking place in Mexico, originally aired as the second half of Young Indy's two-hour premiere, featuring Corey Carrier in the first half and using an Egyptian artifact as a loose central piece to tie the episode together. Confused? You should be. In the late 90s George Lucas decided to take the one-hour, standalone episodes of the original series and edit them into a series of 2-hour films, creating new footage in the meantime to bridge the gaps between episodes that clearly didn't belong together. This volume is the ultimate example of this.

While the second half deals with Indy joining up with revolutionaries in Mexico, the first half finds him thwarting spies in Indy's hometown of Princeton, New Jersey with assistance from -- wait for it, wait for it... -- Nancy Stratemeyer, the inspiration of Nancy Drew. Intriguing as it is to see Teen Indy's life before World War I, the entire Princeton episode is mostly dreadful, forcing awful cameos by historic figures into Indy's life in ways that just don't work. While the cameos in the series overall could be described as misguided at best, at least later volumes integrated them in a way that it didn't feel so, well, awkward.

Still, the lowest point of this compilation video by far is the additional footage of Flanery that was filmed years later to bridge the gap between the two episodes. Flanery magically ages nearly a decade in this footage and just looks old, tired, and uncomfortable in a scene in which the then-34-year-old actor is supposed to be playing a 16-year-old schoolboy. It's simply embarrassing.

Lucas' reimagining aside, the second half is by far the superior one, if for no other reason than it introduces Ronny Coutteure as Remy, Indy's Belgian friend who appears in a good portion of the series, and sets Indy on a course for enlisting in World War I, which is arguably the backdrop for the best of the Young Indy episodes. It's actually a very decent introduction to Indy's World War I adventures and is easy to see why Lucas & Company envisioned it as such in the first place, rather than the tedious Princeton affair that now precedes it. Back when having a car was about as rare as three-legged ballet dancer Indy aims to impress everyone at school by turning up to the prom in a Bugatti race-car and put tormentor Butch to shame. His girlfriend's dad is Edward Stratemayer (the guy who created the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Tom Swift) and promises to loan him the Bugatti until the engine fails. Desperate to get it fixed in time Indy takes it to Edison Industries to have the guys in the science lab fit a new electric battery into it.

But since the oil company's are such a fiendish bunch they steal the plans for the battery and trash the lab, leaving Indy to rescue them on his own if he wants to make an impression at the prom.

In the second half Indy travels to Mexico with his cousin to have a good time in a whorehouse but he is kidnapped by a bunch of Mexican Revolutionaries and pressured into fighting for their cause. He gets to meet Pancho Villa, trash William Randolph Hearst's mansion south of the border and antagonize General Patton. In the end he just wants to go home but not before getting revenge on Demetrius, the baddie who eluded him six years earlier in Egypt.

A solid adventure with a good cast, though it's weird seeing Lloyd Owen still play the Connery role since his is one year YOUNGER than Flannery who plays his son. It works though...somehow.


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