Snoring happens to be a very chronic problem and you can be one of the 40 percent of the adults who snore at least occasionally, or you know somebody who does this in the family or among your friends.

This goes without saying that he or she becomes the brunt of all types of jokes. But you should know that snoring is quite a serious issue and it can even create problems in marriage when one partner has a constant habit of snoring.

Snoring is not only a nuisance for the others, but over 70 percent of the people who snore also suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This happens when the breathing becomes obstructed while sleeping for a restricted time. This naturally increases the risks of developing the heart ailment.

But be careful prior to opting for the over-the-counter pills and sprays until you have checked with the doctor.

Many of the stop-snoring aids are sold without any scientific study for supporting the claims. Instead try to deal with snoring with these remedies and precautions mentioned below. Just read on.

  • Lose Weight if You Are Overweight – This will assist in reducing the amount of tissue in the throat that maybe causing the snoring. You can lose the weight by decreasing the overall caloric intake by eating healthier foods in small portions. Ensure that you go for regular exercising. You may also consider seeing a nutritionist or a dietician for assistance.

  • Change the Sleep Rotations – Your sleeping positions happen to be one of the main reasons for snoring. If you have the tendency to sleep on the back the base of the tongue and the soft palate will collapse and lie on the backwall of the throat. As you breathe in and out at the time of sleeping the collapsed soft pallet with produce a sound of vibration and this what is known as snoring to people. And so, simply sleeping on the side will assist in solving this problem. If you are having a problem in sleeping on the side for a prolonged time you should use a memory foam pillow that will provide ample support and you can get a healthier and better sleep. You can also strap a tennis ball at the rear portion of the pajama which will prevent you from rolling onto the back while sleeping.

  • Avoid Alcohol – The sedatives and the alcohol reduce the resting tones of the muscles in the rear portion of the body which makes it more likely that you will snore. Drinking alcohol four to five minutes before falling asleep can make snoring worse. In fact, even those people who don’t smoke normally can start to snore if they drink before sleeping.

  • Clear the Nasal Passages – Most people don’t pay heed to the fact that snoring starts with the nose and hence it becomes quite difficult for them to deal with it. And for that reason, it is vital to keep the nasal passages clear and open so that the air may move through in a slow manner. A blocked nose means that the air tends to go through very fast and that is why you are more likely to snore. Again, when the nasal passage is blocked you will find that you will be breathing through the mouth and this also enhances the snoring probability to a great extent. There are several ways of making sure that the nasal passage is clear prior to going to bed and one of the most efficient way to do this is to take a hot shower. The nasal strips are also helpful in raising and opening the nasal passages. If neither the nasal strips nor a hot shower works for you, you can also use the salt water rinse for unclogging the passages that are blocked.

  • Practice Good Sleep Hygiene – The poor sleep hygiene can have an effect that is similar to drinking alcohol. As you work the long hours without optimum sleep it implies that you have finally hit the sack that you are overtired. So you sleep deep and hard and the muscles get floppier that creates the snoring.

  • Quit Smoking – Cigarette smoking irritates the nose and throat lining to a great extent which will cause catarrh and swelling. This means the airflow is decreased and you are most likely to snore.

The above are some of the best ways to deal with smoking according to a reputed and efficient sleep specialist in Brooklyn who has been in the in the industry since many years now and knows exactly what works and what does not to deal with snoring.

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