The winner of that game will advance to face No

Advertisers unleash the good A man bursts into flame, sprouts elephant Official Jersey legs, vanishes in puffs of orange, pink and blue smoke and turns an outofcontrol tractor trailer into rubber duckies, with a few quick taps on his BlackBerry. 30 seconds, it quicker to show you what it can do, says the narrator, as the sound of Marion Black Knows fades out and viewers are directed to BlackBerry website. A nod to Marvel comic Fantastic Four, BlackBerry foray into Super Bowl commercials aired just before a power outage at New Orleans Superdome delayed the game for over half an hour Sunday evening. The Super Bowl is the mostwatched television event in the United States with more than 111 million American viewers. history. troops was among favourites, as was a 2minute Dodge Ram salute to farmers. Oreo won accolades for its quick thinking when the lights went out. In five minutes, the cookiemaker ad agency 360i tweeted the caption, out? No problem, and a sleek ad picturing an Oreo and the words: can still dunk in the dark. As of Monday morning, the ad had been retweeted more than 14,000 times. Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, set to Stevie Nicks proved popular, along with Taco Bell joyriding seniors. Meanwhile, BlackBerry Super Bowl debut drew some puzzled responses. don get tim tebow jersey it, wrote one commenter on the video YouTube page. but I don understand anything about this video, complained another. Frank Boulben, BlackBerry chief marketing officer, said in a press statement that the company knew it wasn feasible to the rich experience of its new smartphone launched Jan. 30. decided to use the light hearted spirit of Super Bowl ads to showcase what BlackBerry 10 can do, said Boulben. wanted to let people know that BlackBerry is back and that BlackBerry 10 is worth checking out. A Super Bowl advertising review released by Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management put BlackBerry at the bottom of its rankings, citing weak branding and lack of a compelling benefit. Go Daddy ughinspiring commercial showing a blonde model making out with a ruddyfaced nerd also fared poorly in the rankings. come to expect Go Daddy to fare poorly in the annual Review, but were surprised at the Lincoln and BlackBerry ads, said Derek Rucker, an associate professor of marketing who leads the review, in a release. companies have been struggling as of late and really needed to score a touchdown with their Super Bowl spots. Unfortunately, both fell flat But others called BlackBerry effort clever, witty and different enough from the usual Super Bowl fare to garner attention. commercial sense of humour is sophisticated. Don't blame them for targeting an audience that isn't stupid, wrote one commenter. your fault if you don't get it. Many advertisers lance briggs jersey released their Super Bowl ads ahead of the game to create a buzz and draw an online audience. Ads released before the Super Bowl generate more than 9.1 million YouTube views compared chad greenway jersey to 1.3 million for those appearing the day of the game, Bloomberg reported. More than 8 million Canadians watch the Super Bowl, which aired on CTV but with different, and far less expensive, commercials. The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 3431. 

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