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This method from the US Army

You pro, this is a science of weight loss methods, weight loss military diet substitutes is absolutely impossible, because out of more muscle, basal metabolism will be out very badly, after eating normal would grow, a method recommended today is by eating foods can interact to achieve the purpose of fat burning (halfway there is any discomfort, stop immediately Oh, after all, the body is the revolutionary capital), if three days persevered, and the effects are obvious! Do not talk nonsense, get to the point! This method is suitable for the small guys to lose weight fast and November after this holiday eating and drinking a scraping oil! If you need long-term effects, I can focus on the next issue will be issued long-term weight loss.

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Breakfast: 1 whole wheat bread + peanut butter 2 tablespoons grapefruit + 1/2 + 1 cup of black coffee

Lunch: 1 whole wheat bread + 85g canned tuna

Dinner: boiled beans boiled chicken breast 120g + 85g + apple + 1 + 1 banana vanilla ice cream 150g

       1. may be replaced with grapefruit soda

  1. Tuna fish, canned tuna can be replaced with boiled chicken and beef
  2. fried chicken breast can also use olive oil must be the olive oil !!
  3. The original recipe is 1/2 banana roots but I usually defecate less than ideal so he added a small smooth sweet potato can eat half a banana because of the high sugar content (bananas also appears below)

The ice cream because it must be more calcium vanilla !!

  1. If buy some bread, then near the house can be bought whole wheat on a treasure
  2. do not like black coffee may be replaced with a green tea concentrated point ☕

My first naive suited super hard boiled and then hold onto anything to eat so I actually first time broke the power of the night to eat supper but a lot of amazing things

The next day I actually happened !! lighter !! I quickly came second round strengthened my faith so that it stays up !!


Breakfast: whole wheat bread, a boiled egg + 1 + 1 + banana 1 cup of black coffee

Lunch: boiled eggs, soda crackers 5 + 1 + 150g Greek-style yogurt

Dinner: boiled broccoli 100g + 120g + boiled boiled red bell peppers Crispy intestinal segment 4 + 1 banana

Tips:. 1 Greek yogurt is thick biased solid yogurt My yogurt is homemade is the best flavor without adding yogurt but I think Castel canned yogurt can also be

An Muxi this flavor yogurt is best not it is not a regular yogurt is better than this

  1. Do not like to eat broccoli, then you can be replaced by any other green vegetables

3 red bell peppers can be replaced with green peppers carrots

(Carrot is the original recipe of the materials I do not like it)

  1. Crispy intestinal hot dogs this can be replaced by two American enough

The next dinner is simply a paradise on earth !! level must enjoy the next day because it came on the third day of the devil menu (because individuals do not like to eat canned tuna

Always feel a smell !! feel so special on the third day but to lean the devil !! I will endure !!)

Day3 Breakfast: whole wheat bread, a soft-boiled eggs + 1

Lunch: soda apple pie 4 + 1 + 1 + cheddar cheese 1 cup of black coffee

Dinner: canned tuna 180g + 1 + banana vanilla ice cream 150g

Tips:. 1 cheese can be used instead of eggs and eat cheese nothing to worry about because it requires calories consumed> calories contained in its own

  1. Apple eat a big fist like not to eat bigger than the face!

If there is something that can not buy below the official said things can be replaced

Grapefruit: soda (not oranges Alternatively, counterproductive soda is basic.)

Peanut sauce: almond sauce, pumpkin butter, sunflower butter, hummus, flavor sunflower seeds

Bread: sunflower seeds, whole grain cereals, high protein bars, yogurt plus flaxseed, tortillas, rice cakes

Black coffee: green tea, hot chocolate, sugar-free, sugar-free Red Bull (caffeine free of artificial flavors)

Canned tuna: the best is a very lean meat fish, cheese, chicken, tofu, almonds, peanuts

Green beans: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and other green vegetables

Meat: Available lentils, beans, tofu, mushroom vegetarian alternative

Bananas: kiwi, papaya, apricots, plums, grapes, applesauce

Carrots: pumpkin, peppers, beets, celery, bell pepper rustic cheese: plain Greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, cheddar cheese, eggs, ham, tofu

Vanilla ice cream: fruit-flavored yogurt, apple juice, strawberry or vanilla or banana flavored almond milk (can not be replaced with almond milk chocolate flavored)

Soda crackers: rice cakes, gluten-free crackers, quinoa or crispy crackers

Apple: plums, peaches, grapes, zucchini, pears, apricots

Eggs: milk, chicken, nuts, bacon

Hot dogs: chicken, sausage, luncheon meat, beans, tofu, mushrooms, any other meat

Cheddar cheese: eggs, ham, country cheese, soy milk, tofu, cabbage

Cauliflower: spinach, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and other green vegetables


Hey, little main door, the vast sea of ​​met you, i just bring a wealth of knowledge to lose weight you, if you have any questions and ideas, feel free to comment below, just see the first time to respond! If you have experience or good weight loss inspirational weight loss Welcome submission to me, there is the use of royalties Oh! Refill ❤.


I hope everyone can Mei Mei thin down! !


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