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Turbo JV Page Builder Review – Hot New Software Biz-In-A Box Package!

Turbo JV Page Builder is a unique Unmatched Software that allows you to create awesome pages for your affiliates and JVs with just a few clicks! Just upload the files, click to edit, save and you're done! 

Turbo JV Page Builder Overview

What is Turbo JV Page Builder?

Just wanted to send you a quick warm reminder about this awesome Software business that people are going crazy about.

Here are some good news.

John Delavera and Jonathan Teng have just Released their latest awesome HOT Turbo SOFTWARE package with RESALE RIGHTS so you can resell it and keep all the profits!

As you may already know, these guys are leaders in the product creation and have been developing useful and profitable tools and packages like this to you guys for over a decade now.

So what is it?

Turbo JV Page Builder is a unique Unmatched Software that allows you to create awesome pages for your affiliates and JVs with just a few clicks! Just upload the files, click to edit, save and you're done! 

It is designed to cut out all the complicated steps in installing a members' area and setting up the membership's options by offering you only what you need!

How Does Turbo JV Page Builder Work?

Video: https://vimeo.com/171626783

What will you Get with Turbo JV Page Builder?

The package is built cleverly around these Modules:

Module 1: Turbo JV Page Builder Software


Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page

You want to sell and make money right away? No problem.

Theyaccelerate your success by providing you a professionally ready-made sales letter expertly written to convert your visitors into buyers.

Following a proven and time-tested copywriting formula, this sales copy uses the hybrid video sales letter approachthat is guaranteed to bring you results.


Module 3: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo

Can you really sell effectively without a video nowadays? It’s almost unimaginable.

But listen...

They got you covered! They are making your sales page LIVELY by adding a professionally done sales video message on it.

This video has been carefully crafted using the ‘hypnotic’ copywriting formula that will ENGAGE your visitors and skyrocket the overall sales conversions.

This video is to be used in conjunction with the sales copy above to achieve maximum results.


Module 4: ‘WOW’ Graphic Designs

“WOW” - That’s the exact word your customers will say when they visit your website.

Considering that “The first impression is always the last”, with a ‘good-looking’ website design you can be sure to impact the minds of your website visitors immediately.

It helps convey the right message at the right time.

It gives you INSTANT authority and credibility.

There’s absolutely NO compromise on the quality of our designs. They have the very best dedicated team of graphic designers in this industry and their works speak for themselves.


Module 5: Customer Support System & Legal Pages

Customer experienced is everything. Once you make the sale, you need a 'place' to allow your clients to communicate with you in case they have any concerned.

They've got you covered.

You'll get a ready-made support system integrated within your website where your customers can reach out to you.

Each ticket will be redirected to the email address you desire for your references.

But that's not all...

To keep you in compliance with the laws and give your website a very professional look and feel, they also provide you done-for-you legal documents to place on your website.

These include:

  • Income Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions


Module 6: Stunning ‘Lead Grabbing’ Page

You also get a HOT looking squeeze page that will suck unlimited amount of leads so that you can follow up with them and make more sales.

The design is completely unique and message is strictly attached to the THEME of the product you're selling. Why?

Higher conversions.

It's like telling your customers: “OK – Get a sneak preview before you decide!”

Super powerful stuff!


Module 7: Credibility Boosting Email Series

Now that you've people on your mailing list, you need to send them email messages to gain their trust and build credibility.

You educate them about your product and how it can change their lives for the better and definitely that's a LOT of work!

But here's the good news.

They’ve prepared a complete e-course delivered by autoresponder emails to skyrocket your sales by this product to your subscribers.

These content emails have only one purpose – make you money!


Module 8: Adaptive Mobile Friendly Website

You get a full-mobile friendly website.

All pages. No exceptions.

This is definitely a HUGE advantage you'll have over your competitors. This turnkey website is search engine friendlyPLUS that's exactly what Google is looking for.

You can even sell to the mobile users as they will have no problem accessing your website. That means a real boost in income right off the bad.


Module 9: Professional Set Up & Training Video

A professionally recorded video to explain your customers how to use this awesome software.

Never worry about explaining your customers individually how to do the technical stuff.

Our expert team has prepared a step by step video tutorial to make sure your customers can use this software without any headache.

Give this free to your customers to enhance your customer service.


Module 10: Fast Installation Guide

A step by step user manual to guide your customers through the set up process.

This is for the technical savy and don't want to spend time watching the tutorial video, they can quickly scan through the document, see the pictures and implement the instructions right away!

Give it to your customers to add more value to your offer and reduce your customer support tickets to a bare minimum.


Module 11: Product License Certificates

What if after all the talks and promises that they made above you're not given any document to validate that really you own a rights to this product after your purchase?

That would just be insane, right?

That is why they went ahead to create certificates of ownership that is for you and also for YOUR customers.

They even took care of the documents that you'll pass on to your clients. Isn't that wonderful?


How Does Turbo JV Page Builder Work?

Video: https://vimeo.com/171626471

Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:

1. Upload the files of Turbo JV Page Builder in a directory on your server - say /affiliates or /jv.

2. Login to the protected administration area.

3. Click to add your video, click to add your signup form.

3. Click to replace images, click to edit the text.

4. Save changes.

That's it!

Why Should you Get Turbo JV Page Builder Now?

Essentially, it's your fully loaded resale rights package ready to be sold right now. All sales material, graphics, index page, thank you pages included... along with bonuses.

It's the full shebang:

You can:

- Sell the Software

- Use it build your own list

- Use it as high quality bonus

- Use it to grow your customer base

You have literally NOTHING TO DO and no one to pay!

Get INSTANT Return of Your Investment by Selling Just One Copy of it and of course you can sell unlimited copies for life.

  • NO Monthly Charges,
  • NO Secret Charges!
  • NO Profit Sharing,
  • Keep 100% of the money!
  • Keep all leads generated
  • Including the buyers!

It is a ‘full software business in a box' – AND YET... you don't have to write, create, design, code or do anything to have a fully ready to launch business online right now...

Look here:

It's based on a HOT idea...


It's the easiest way ever to create your JV and affiliate pages, hence making it easy for them to sell your product in the most efficient way!

Whether you're a newbie or veteran, this IS good business sense.

And it's massively effortless to begin now ...

You just download, add your name and order link and it's ready to use and sell as you please to make profit today.

It's already done, you just have to get it and use it to make money.

You don't have to waste any more time thinking up new ideas or creating anything or spending time and more money in outgoings.

This is already working, see?

Here are 2 main reasons why your customers need this: 

Reason #1: Simplest Solution

• There is not any simpler solution offered online that allows the creation of your JV Pages in just a few clicks.
• Your customers can easily create an awesome JV Page that can flip and sell easily. 
• No WordPress is needed. 
• No HTML knowledge is needed. 
• No database is needed.

Reason #2: Resale Rights Opportunity

It comes with a professional sales letter, thank you page, professional graphics, etc. They can sell it and keep all the money for themselves.

There's definitely a LOT of money to be made in selling ready-made JV pages and your customers are going to LOVE it.

And now after revealing all the benefits inside Turbo JV Page Builder, they are not about to stop there. They are including some very valuable bonuses, designed to enhance your result with Turbo JV Page Builder.

Special Bonuses From Turbo JV Page Builder:

Bonus #1: "List Building Page Secrets" tutorial

Your success is our top priority. Many marketers might have said this to you but here's how they're different...

They're not only going to give you a 'ready-made' business-in-a-box package BUT they'll also provide you access to our tutorial that will guide you on how to build your lists and send traffic to your offers!

The tutorial's lesson give you clear and precise directions you can easily follow for great results.


Bonus #2: Reseller Training

You can access the most EXTENSIVE training on how to master Resale Rights products and make money with them easily.

Their online trainer gets on webinars several times per month to answer many questions that our customers have.

These live events are also recorded and can be accessed anytime.

You'll never run out of ideas to monetize the products you purchase from them.



There is a discount for early birds that ends shortly, so be sure to secure your copy.

All is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee anyway... so you can play about with it and see how much you like it here:

This is the EASIEST way to create your JV pages - the way they'd be created!

PLUS... YOU GET ALL SALES MATERIALS YOU NEED TO SELL IT! Everything you need to launch it now is there!

See you on the other side!













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